Meeting Minutes for 07/26/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Responsible parties


538 or item field for CMU last copy project


*Jamie still needs to check with Rose. This is very preliminary at the Alliance.

OCLC reclamation projects if needed after 001 batch clean up processes


No update

From Duplicate Committee: develop a process to find duplicates between the 001 and 019 fields

Dup Committee

Did not meet in July.

Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page


No update

Batch processing Adams State records for bad Bib Util numbers.


Process has been on hold while Lloyd was away.

Why are some Hoopla videos not grouping?

Lloyd, Nancy

Hoopla sends bad records. It is harder for Pika’s automatic grouping.


Send out an email with the details on preparing for the authority work


Email was sent by Lloyd on 6/29. No A.C. notes should be in 958 fields by 7/28. Stop edits to MARC fields by 7/31, restart edits by 8/14. During A.C. can add, delete, de-dupe records, and add or delete items. No editing of records.

Follow up in August on question of how should different loaders deal with OCLC prefixes, and non-prefixed numbers

Duplicates committee

Committee will meet in August.

Do a survey to determine which systems are being used and what people want training on.


Tammy is not here to report.

Investigate WebDewey group subscription.


No update

Check if MARCIVE can add juvenile headings back


Lloyd to check on whether there would be charges for this.

Send email reminder about authority preparation


sent to UCC 6/29

Follow up with Brandon on renewing RDA


Brandon will renew with 4 simultaneous users.  Please report if you get turnaways from RDAToolkit.

Discussion topics



Why do we treat 001’s differently in different load profiles? Single translation map?

*Duplicates committee meeting will follow up (August dup committee meeting).

MUG 2017 cataloging training?

*Tammy and Karen are developing the program.

*Lloyd – investigate WebDewey group subscription.

Jamie asks about the status of our current authority records and how we will change to the new ones.

We currently have the LTI authority records in Sierra.  Lloyd is planning to overlay these with the records we get from MARCIVE.  Deleting that many records would be difficult.  Lloyd will replace the authority records after the bib records are loaded.  Automatic authority control will be turned on after that.

Headings Reports training

After we turn on Automatic Authority Control we will get a training from III on how to use it.  Everyone will be invited to that.

August Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: August 9, 9am MT

Next UCC meeting: August 23, 2017, 9-11am MT

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, July 26
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