Schedule of Fees (Jan-Dec 2019)

Integrated Library System (ILS) & other hosted service One-Time Fee 2018 Annual 2019 Annual Percent Increase
Basic System includes Sierra (Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions, Serials, Web Management Reports, most Sierra APIs and web services); Pika (OPAC); Catalog Enrichment; Training & Continuing Education; Email Listservs; Council Seat; Participation in Task Forces & Committees. 0 3,272 3,370 3.00%
Staff Session fee is charged for each simultaneous staff user. For example, a library where up to 10 staff users are normally logged into the ILS needs 10 Staff Sessions. This fee covers hardware, software, and other ILS costs as well as Marmot staff and facilities. 0 2,244 2,255 0.49%
Express Lane self-check software license, setup, and support 3,200 764 764 0.00%
SIP2 server (for 3rd-party self-check & other SIP2 2018appliances) software license, setup, and support 2,500 1,092 1092 0.00%
INN-Reach fees collected by Marmot are paid to Innovative to link each Marmot agency to Prospector. (Contact the Colorado Alliance about other Prospector fees.) 0 1,112 1,112 0.00%
OverDrive and Zinio. Contact the Executive Director about costs. 0 custom custom  
Optional module setup (Acquisitions, Serials, Reserve Room, Materials Booking, and other optional modules) each incur a one-time fee for setup and training. 2,500 0 0  
New Member project management, setup, data migration, and training custom N/A N/A  


Marmot Digital Archive Year Storage (original files) Annual fee
Marmot Digital Archive fee for the first year is based on level of effort by Marmot staff to implement and train a member library. 1 <50 GB 2,500
The annual fee for years 2 and on ranges from $4,000 to $12,500 depending on storage requirements. 2-n <250 GB 4,000-12,500
Additional services like batch import and migrations from other digital repositories can be performed for a custom fee. Contact Executive Director for details.     custom


Network Management Tier Managed devices Access points included Switches included Firewall class included 2018 Annual  2019 Annual Percent Increase
Network Management fee is based on the number of managed workstations in a branch. This fee pays for network management services by Marmot staff plus network facilities owned and managed by Marmot (wireless access points, firewalls, and switches). XS 0-10 2 1 Meraki MX60 Series 2,500 2,575 3.00%
  S 11-25 3 1 Meraki MX60 Series 3,500 3,605 3.00%
  M 26-50 5 2 Meraki MX60 Series 6,500 6,695 3.00%
  L 51-100 7 3 MX60-MX80 Series 14,500 14,935 3.00%
  XL >100 10 5 Up to MX400 Series 30,500 31,415 3.00%


IT Services One-Time Fee 2018 Annual  2019 Annual Percent Increase
Broadband service is procured by Marmot according to E-Rate rules, managed and supported by Marmot staff, and billed to Members at cost. (E-Rate payments from USAC to Marmot help fund network equipment and services purchased by Marmot.) custom custom custom custom
Website Hosting -- The one-time fee depends on whether Marmot implements a new website, migrates an existing website from another platform, develops a new website, or sets up a new test server in addition to an existing live server. The annual fee covers one live server plus one test server. Each server is a virtual machine that can support one website and/or one wiki. Marmot service includes hardware and software at Marmot, system-level support by Marmot staff, routine Drupal and OS patches and updates, related domain hosting or domain registration, advice regarding website/Pika integration, and urgent assistance with website content. custom 1,000 1,030 3.00%
Physical Server Maintenance -- servers owned and housed by Member libraries include file servers, game servers, HVAC servers. No storage fees are assessed by Marmot; Members purchase additional storage as needed. * 1,000 1,030 3.00%
Virtual Server Hosting -- Storage for virtual servers hosted by Marmot is charged separately--see below. 0 1,000 1,030 3.00%
Storage -- up to 1TB of data hosted by Marmot (original files and backups) 0 200 206 3.00%
Storage -- each additional 1TB 0 125 129 3.20%
Workstation Maintenance -- PC or Mac * 480 494 2.92%
Tablet Maintenance -- iPad, ChromeBook * 100 103 3.00%
EnvisionWare Server virtual or physical PCRes Mgt Console, Print Engine, and/or OneStop Selfcheck 0 600 618 3.00%
EnvisionWare PCRes + LPT1 client license and support, per workstation 2-5 hrs ETS/site 58 60 3.45%
EnvisionWare Coin-Op per device 2-5 hrs ETS/site 321 331 3.12%
EnvisionWare MobilePrint per site 2-5 hrs ETS/site 1,000 1,030 3.00%
EnvisionWare RFID hardware/Onestop Software custom custom 10% original cost  
Backup Services -- Marmot supports several options for backing up local file servers and staff workstations to a local backup server or to Marmot equipment. Please contact Executive Director for details. custom custom    


Professional Services Hourly rate
Extended Technical Services (ETS) -- IT support services itemized in “IT Service Level Agreement” posted at: 100
Website Development and Maintenance -- includes non-routine maintenance by R&D; non-routine sideloading setup by R&D; complex Sierra reconfigurations and database maintenance by User Services; RFID and network consulting by IT Services; server migration; and other special projects. 100
Pika Consulting and Custom Development 200