Sierra Global Update Basic Training

Who should attend: Anyone who is responsible to understand the basic information about Global Updates.  
Prerequisite: Experience with Sierra Create Lists or completing the Create Lists Basic Training.
When: See the training calendar
Where: The training is online using the Zoom video conference and meeting software.  

Trainer: Tammy Poquette
If you have any questions, you can send an email to  After you register, a confirmation email will be sent to you with information on connecting to the online training.
Registration: You must register for this training by filling out the 

Training Description
Participants attending this training should have previous knowledge and experience using Create Lists.   One learning objective is better understanding of the fixed and variable fields located in the bibliographic, item and patron records. Another learning objective is how to use the fixed and variable field toggles to view record information in a review file.  Participants will be shown how to use the Command Choice of change fixed-length fields to change item record status as well as patron expiration date. The training outline is a list of the areas that will be shown and discussed during training.   The training exercises may help to reinforce the training. 

​Training Resources

Create Lists Conditions Definitions Global Update Change Item Status
Create Lists Creating a Review File Global Update Change Patron Expiration Date
Create Lists Grouping & Ungrouping Search Terms Global Update Command Type Fields
Create Lists JSON Reusing a Search Global Update Remove Records from a Review File
Create Lists Sierra Fixed Field Item Definitions Global Update Save and Load Change Commands
  Global Update View Review File Information 


Global Update Terminology
Fixed and Variable Fields - the fixed and variable fields are located in all the record types. 
Select Records tab - allows you to choose the record type to update.  There is a drop-down menu to choose the review file, an index, and advanced searching.  
Command input tab - the commands specify the updates, such as edits or deletions to records. When you create a list of commands on the Command input tab, the system applies the entire list to the selected records after you choose Process in the Preview tab.
Preview tab- this tab previews the pending changes.  There is a row of each selected record showing the current subject, the Old data, and the New subject text. The message No Changes Detected appears for records unaffected by the change commands.  By default, the Preview tab shows how the commands affect all records. Select an option from the View drop-down list to view only records with changes or only records with no changes.
Process button - Global Update makes no changes to the records in the database until you choose the Process button, and choose OK to verify.  Before choosing Process, you can make changes to the Command input; refine the list of records chosen using the Select Records; select or deselect records in the Preview tab to update.
Review File - the Create Lists function enables you to create a list of records, called a review file, also known as a bucket.
Statistics tab - this tab is used to view or print a brief report of the changes made to the records.  The tab contains the following information: the number of records updated; the number of records not updated; the number of busy records; the total number of changes made.