Meeting Minutes for 08/15/2017

Digital Archive Committee
August 15, 2017
1:00 - 2:00 PM

  1. Minutes
  2. Islandora & Pika Update (Jordan, Mark)
  • Archive cleanup of bugs is the top priority for the next release (next month).
  • In future, Marmot will be working on enhanced functionality for maps (archival pictures/google map mash up) and other fun additions to the archives.
  1. Discussion on archive blank search/archive homepage in Pika

  • The group discussed options for when a blank search is done in the digital archive.
  • Option 1: Side button with something like Marmot Digital Archive
  • Option 2: Side drop down with something like Local History Digital Archive
  • You can already do both within Pika admin. Go to Sidebar links and enter in a new category. To show as a button instead of a drop down, leave the category blank.
  • Other options include changing relevancy to return objects, possibly weighting home collections higher, or doing something with the explore more bar.
  • Please email Jordan with more ideas!
  • Question was asked if anyone had ideas on how to get patrons to find the digital archive? Suggestions include getting the linked data into google and into the digital public library of America to drive traffic the the site. These are upcoming developments.
  1. 2018 Archive Pricing (draft pricing letter)
  • First year fee is $2,500. Once objects are in, it is a flat fee of $5,000 to be the the archive (supports training, set up, etc.) The other fee is for the storage amount, which is a cost share spread out among members based on size.
  • Question was asked about what happens if a member leaves the archive? Bring to committee, the committee members vote to support storage or not. All members have read only access for free. If a member left the items would not remain in DPL.
  • Archive space usage can be found in Pika admin under Archives.
  • Question was asked about Marmot partnering directly with outside programs? Programs would piggyback on a library who is already paying the $5,000 fee. Special training (such as in-person) would likely be an extra cost.
  • Question was asked about how to find storage size of an object: Go into islandora, find your object, click manage, find OBJ file. Size will be in size column.
  1. Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

    1. Adams State - semester starts!
    2. Bud Werner - Continuing 3 Wire Winter, new training
    3. CCU
    4. CMC
    5. Englewood
    6. EVLD - article published about the collection
    7. Fort Lewis - Continuing to finish the last volume of the postcards, new staff training
    8. Garfield
    9. Gunnison - Gunn. is recording Oral Histories and are holding off on finishing Cattlemen's Days items due to budget limits (staffing). Looking at fees carefully for 2018 participation. New director coming soon!
    10. Mesa County - Continuing on current projects and adding new content.
    11. Pine River - Reworking project management and workflow
    12. Pitkin County - Looking at hosting some of Aspen hall of fame’s videos
    13. Salida - Sorting through new archival collections.
    14. Vail
    15. Western State - Semester starting! Reorganized physical archives, hope to soon upload a small theses collection.
  • Any others?

Questions / Comments

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 19th   1:00 - 2:00 PM


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Tuesday, 2017, August 15
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