Meeting Minutes for 08/23/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Discussion Topic – Issues with new Marcive records

The records we get back from Marcive will have URIs in $0 for controlled fields.  We have Mark Noble join the meeting to tell us what these will be good for in Pika.  He told us that there are two primary functions they could have now.  At this point they are useful for names of authors and creators.  They can help Pika disambiguate similar names more effectively, also they can link to more information about the creators.  Pika can be programmed to take advantage of these new links, but it has not been done yet.  There are also URIs in subject fields, but we don’t yet have a use for that information.  As systems of linked data are developed in the library field in general, these links will allow us to take advantage.

Lloyd pointed out that if people find the URIs too intrusive, we have the ability to change the text color to make them less of a problem.  Lloyd has his set so that the text is almost invisible.  It was pointed out that this text color applies to all URLs, not just the subfield $0, so they are also in 856 fields that people need to read.  So we discussed other colors that would be readable, but still make the subfields less confusing.  Light blue seems good.  These colors are set in Editor Colors in Preferences under the Edit menu in Sierra Desktop.

*Lloyd will look into if there is a way to make a default setting apply to multiple logins, so we don’t have to change many machines. [Post meeting update: this is login based, not machine based.  These preferences can be copied from one login to another.  We could set this color in a default template logins get copied from.]

Last week we got sample records back from Marcive.  Those are in review file 35.  Lloyd requested a small change after that test, and we got another set of sample records back that have not been loaded yet.  Assuming those are good, we will have Marcive go ahead a process the whole file and we should get them back in another week.

We check that the URIs are not appearing in Pika or Classic.  We don’t see them in Pika, but it seems that some are still appearing in Classic.  Lloyd will let Brandon know that some got missed. [Post meeting update: Brandon fixed this]

We confirm that the URIs are being exported to Pika.

We decide to keep the subfield 0s in the MARC records.

The records should come back from Marcive in about a week.

We discuss how we want to deal with authority updates in the future.  When records are overlaid from OCLC or SkyRiver, the URIs will be lost and there may be new headings that need to be controlled.  If we send these to Marcive again, they will update them.  We need to figure out how to identify things that need to go back to Marcive again.  We could use the Cat Date.  We would need to change our load profiles so they don’t protect Cat Date, so when things get overlaid they go to Marcive again.  Also, if you make a manual change, like a new subject heading, you should update the Cat Date, so it will go to Marcive and get a URI for your new subject heading.

*Lloyd will poll the group to see if anyone is using Cat Date and would have a problem with changing the way they behave on overlay.




Responsible parties


538 or item field for CMU last copy project


Jamie waiting to hear back from George.  This is a new project there and they don’t seem to have finalized procedures

Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page.


Lloyd is working on this.  Expect to discuss in September meeting.

Batch processing Adams State records for bad Bib Util numbers.



Follow up in August on question of how different loaders should deal with OCLC prefixes, and non-prefixed numbers.

Duplicates committee

Committee will develop detailed proposal at the next meeting.  Z39.50 table will need to be different.  All other tables will be able to behave the same.

Investigate WebDewey group subscription.


Lloyd will get pricing.

Check if MARCIVE can add juvenile headings back.


There is an extra fee, so we are not interested.

MUG 2017 cataloging training?

Tammy and Karen

Karen is developing a workshop for the morning before MUG.

Headings Reports training


This will be a 3-hr online training, with Martha Rice Sanders from III, in the next month or so, before MUG.



New Action Items

Look into how to distribute text color preferences for URLs in Sierra


Contact Marcive about whether they can fix our bad 001 problem


Fix URIs that still appear in Classic


Poll on whether it is a problem to update Cat Date on overlay



August Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: September 13, 9am MT

Next UCC meeting: September 27, 2017, 9-11am MT

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, August 23
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