Meeting Minutes for 09/27/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


  • URIs appearing in Classic

    • Brandon stopped these from appearing in record display.  They still show up in search hit lists and mess up sorting of browse hit lists in classic.  This is one reason we think we need reindexing.

  • Can Marcive fix our bad 001 problem?

    • No – they have no access to OCLC’s database, so they can’t identify a bad OCLC number.

  • WebDewey group subscription idea

    • Different subscription model from RDA.  We can get a 10% discount, but we still have to pay for each library.  This is too expensive for Marmot to absorb.  Normal cost is around $275, with group discount $246.34 each library.  Consensus is to drop it.

  • How to share color settings on intrusive URL fields

    • These color settings are login-based.  They could be copied from login templates.  *LLOYD – send instructions for setting.

  • Authority record project

    • This is done.  Bib and authority records are in system.  However, automatic authority control has not yet been turned on.


Discussion Topics

  • Proposal from Duplicates Committee on 001 mapping.

  • The proposal is to change the behavior of our load profiles to treat 001 the same in all cases except Z39.50.  All loaders would remove any OCLC prefix, leave any other prefix, and add a prefix if none is found.  The advantage being it won’t cause such a problem if someone were to use the wrong loader, since they are all the same.  The group is OK to go ahead.  *LLOYD – make load profile changes.

  • Implement regular check for 001 records with prefix

  • Numbers that are actually OCLC should have the prefix removed, if it is not an OCLC number, we should get an OCLC number.  Non-OCLC libraries could get an OCLC number from where the accession number is the 001.

  • Updating cat date on overlay

  • Lloyd thought we were not updating cat dates, but we realize that most of our loaders do update it.  Nina D. confirmed cat date field is not protected, does change with overlay.  Only loaders that create order records do not change the cat date, because we don’t want cat dates in order records.  

  • So we can use cat date to control what goes to Marcive.  If you update a record manually and want it to go to Marcive, change the cat date to today (press ‘t’ in the field).

  • I-Type 110 and 111 labels, do we want to broaden these to include streaming?

  • Currently the labels are ‘Downloadable audio’ and ‘Downloadable video’.  However people are using them for streaming audio and video because there are not better codes.  We decide it would be best to change these to broader terms.  We like ‘e-Audio’ and ‘e-Video’.  *Lloyd – change labels in Sierra.


  • Reindexing

  • Lloyd suggests creating a new Subgroup to work on the Reindexing project.  New group could meet on second Tuesday after the Duplicates committee.  

  • Ideas for reindexing are being collected on the UCC website:

  • The committee looks through and discusses the reindexing ideas listed on that page.

  • Please contact Lloyd if you want to join the Reindexing Subcommittee.  It will meet on the second Wednesday of each month after the Duplicates Subcommittee.

Ongoing action items


Responsible parties


538 or item field for CMU last copy project


We found that the Alliance doesn’t care where we keep the last copy information, but they want it in the bib record when we export the records.  So we could keep it in item records, and then move it to the bib on export.  That would require a special export profile.  *Lloyd will – check with III about cost.

Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page


No update

Headings Reports training


This was canceled again because III never actually turned on automatic authority control.  We will let you know as soon as it is rescheduled.

Batch processing records for bad Bib Util numbers.


Nancy is still checking 2000 records a day (Tues-Thurs.), currently working on ASU records

MUG 2017 cataloging training


Karen is ready, to be held at CMU.  Tammy working on parking.

Final item.  Lloyd is thinking about doing a presentation at IUG on some of the tips and tricks we’ve developed here including the 995 fields, adding records to a list with a barcode scanner, and redoing a search with JSON.  However that may not be enough material for an hour long presentation, so if anyone has other tips we might include and would like to do a joint presentation at IUG, contact Lloyd.

August Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: October 11, 9am MT

Next UCC meeting: October 25, 2017, 9-11am MT

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, September 27
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