Release Notes for 11/07/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.10.0

Released Nov 15, 2017

New Functionality

Performance Improvements

  • Account Validation cached (main and linked accounts)
  • Catalog records with Archive links (aka samePika) now cached
    • Clear cached links in Staff View section of Grouped Work or Islandora Object View​


  • Grouped Work View
    • Improved caching of description
    • Fixed caching of record from Solr
  • Caching of user-lists used for Browse Categories

  • Account Menu

    • Checkout, hold, etc counts loaded via AJAX
    • List of user-lists cached
  • Internal use of userdata refactored to take advantage of caching

OverDrive Improvements

  • Large numbers of OverDrive changes will no longer block indexing while the changes are extracted.

  • Advantage copies that have been moved to the shared account are now correctly reflected within copy display


  • Weeded titles will no longer appear within Pika

  • Archive homepages can display a map for multiple collections (aka meta-map)


  • Archive map view can now display without a Timeline filter


  • Sideload cover images for Classroom Video on Demand, Films on Demand, BiblioBoard and Kanopy
  • Sideload cover images for ebrary sideloads that are now called ProQuest
  • Lexile branding updates
  • Updated and standardized Marmot ftp server setup of Marc data for sideloads
  • Automatic restart of Islandora web server (Tomcat) when it halts

Bug Fixes

  • Pika will not be unresponsive during Islandora system upgrades
  • Availability facet was not indexing for some scopes using sublocation
  • Archive Object View will not display a subtitle when it is the same as the title
  • Person entity will display birth or death date even when there is not other genealogy data
  • Can now add Other Region to addresses for person entities in Archive
  • When sideloads have IDs of the same format as a Grouped Work, the sideload record link will not redirect to the grouped work.
  • Arlington Pika needlessly listed pickup locations multiple times in Place Hold prompt
  • Removed old Library Admin options with no function
    • Record View - Main Details option: Locations
    • Record View - Notes Tab Name


  • EBSCO eBook Collection for Adams State
  • Axis360 for Englewood
  • Consolidated Sideload for Marmot
    • Existing sideloads converted for EVLD, Grand County, Pitkin County, Vail, Wilkinson
    • New libraries added: Basalt, CMC, and Mesa County


  • for Boulder
  • Kanopy sideload for Steamboat Springs and Anne Arundel  
  • Nashville sideloaded Classroom Video on Demand
  • Biblioboard sideload for CCU (go live on deployment)
  • Gale 18th Century sideload for CCU
  • Added proxy links to CCU’s Alexander Street sideload
  • Renamed Adams State ebrary sideload to ProQuest
  • Removed Oneclickdigital sideload for Englewood
  • Sideloading FTP folder restructuring
    • Adds and Updates Only - Partial file with added items since last update, or records that have been updated, or collection has several different Marc files
    • Complete Collection - Marc records sets are complete representation of the eContent
    • Deletes Only - When records have been removed from the collection, and you have been given those files as a set of Marc records
    • Processed - When the production Pika server has actually processed the files     
    • eContent Collections successfully sideloaded

Additional Work

  • Fort Lewis Archive Homepage redesign
  • Google Analytics for Pitkin and Grand County
  • Updated Vail logo


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Tuesday, 2017, November 7
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