Meeting Minutes for 10/25/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Agenda Item


Behavior of 001 changed in load profiles

  • Issue with Marquis loader

  • Changed label on [X] loader

Lloyd changed the translation map for all the load profiles (except z39.50) so they would have the same behavior on the 001 field.  However, this created a problem for the libraries using the Marquis macro system.  The Marquis system screen scrapes our own classic catalog to get records, so it gets 001 fields that don’t have the OCLC prefix.  When it reloaded them, it was creating duplicates.  Lloyd changed the loader for the Marquis users (X).  Now it will allow a 001 number without a prefix.  He also changed the label on the (X) loader so it is clear that it is for use with the Marquis macro.


*Lloyd will check that Marquis is not removing any information from records.  If a field doesn’t display in classic Marquis could possibly remove that field when the record is reloaded.  Jamie mentions that he has seen records in classic catalog appear without any 001 field.  That would be a problem if that happens in the version of the catalog that Marquis searches.

Report from Duplicates Subcommittee

  • flc prefix records

  • CARL aa prefix records

This month we cleaned up many of the duplicate Naxos records with flc prefixes.  That was the vast majority of those duplicates.  There are still a few ebooks with flc prefixes.

We also started talking about the records with “aa” prefixes that came over from CARL.  Maybe these could be exported and reloaded with fixed numbers.

Report from Reindexing Subcommittee

We looked through the different ideas for reindexing we have had.  The indexing ideas are on the website.


*Reindexing committee next month will look at the indexes that already exist to find any that we don’t need and could eliminate or repurpose.

Changed I-type 111 to eVideo

  • Left 110 because of 254 eMusic

Brandon re-created the 254 eMusic I-type which made the 110 eAudio unnecessary.  We can revisit if necessary.

Status of Marcive records and headings reports training

  • Marcive records received

  • New headings reports now active

  • Training now scheduled for next Tuesday. Oct 31, 9-12

Marcive send a new batch of records.  Lloyd is tweaking the load profile to load them.  The plan is to get those loaded this week.  Headings report training now scheduled for 10/31.

Discussion Topic

  • Process for hiring new director.  How does UCC want to be involved?​​
    • Jamie and Karen would like input into job requirements and announcement​​
      • By the time of interviews, it is too late to have much impact
    • Will there be representatives of the members on the search committee?​
      • The executive board is made of members and they will run the process.
      • Last time most of the hiring committee was members​
    • Maybe UCC could meet with candidates, they could give online presentations.
  • Nancy has left Marmot, so we are now without a deduper.  We need to think about what we will do now to cover the work she was doing.​
    • Brandon wants to try to get by without hiring a replacement.
    • Tammy can work on some of the projects and figure out how we can train and organize members to work on them as well.
    • We could try to use library school interns.​
      • They might work for school credit or just volunteer.
      • They could be remote.
      • We could look at DU and Emporia.
    • What all was Nancy doing?
      • Checking Adams State’s 001 numbers
      • Deduping
      • Regular clean-up projects like deleting dummies and orphan bibs​
  • We look at some of the junk in the 9xx fields in our records.  Do we need these, are they useful?
    • 902, 938, 994?​​
      • 994 is a code from OCLC about what was done to the record by whom.  Maybe this could be protected so we would see who did overlays.  *Lloyd will investigate 994.
    • 948 field includes info about authority processing from LTI and Marcive​
      • Jamie suggests we don’t need LTI information on records that have subsequently been to Marcive.
      • Duplicated 948 fields can be cleaned up.
      • 938 vendor notes​
    • *Lloyd to do a survey of members asking if anyone is doing something with various 9xx fields​
      • Get list of all 9xx fields, get examples for survey
      • Ask if it is being used, or could be used in the future
      • Ask about 9xx fields on Autocat

Ongoing action items


Responsible parties


New export profile for 538 field for CMU last copy project


Lloyd has asked III if we could get permission to edit our own export profiles.  This would allow us to set up an export profile to deal with the 538 field.  We would like to be able to keep it in the item record, then move it to the bib when it is exported.  *Lloyd will create web page to collect ideas for changes to export profile.

Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page


No Update

Create web page to collect export profile change ideas


No Update

Batch processing records for bad Bib Util numbers.


Nancy is gone, so we don’t know who will do this

Send out instructions for setting URL colors


No update

New action items


Responsible parties

Investigate protecting the 994 to keep information about who loaded a record from OCLC.


Check the possibility that Marquis is removing information from records when it reloads them.


Look into which indexes are not used and could be repurposed.

Reindexing Committee

Create web page to collect ideas for changes to export profiles


August Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: November 8, 10am MT

Reindexing Sub-committee meeting: November 8, 11am MT

Next UCC meeting: November 22, 2017, 9-11am MT

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, October 25
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