Release Note for 12/05/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.11.0
Released Dec 7, 2017
New Functionality

  • Added “versioning” to CSS and Javascript libraries so that when new code is deployed, browsers update any of these libraries that were cached
  • CSS class “user-list-entry-note” added to notes section of list entries in a user list so that custom styling can be applied if desired

Bug Fixes

  • Pika Performance improvement bugs​
    • Auto-logout had stopped functioning
      • Also Auto-logout did not work at all catalog homepage​
    • User Lists
      • Adding a title to a user list had stopped functioning
      • Adding multiple titles to a user list had stopped functioning
      • Adding archive objects to a user list had stopped functioning​
    • Archive image viewer control icons would not display when the user was not logged in.
    • Users were unable to see their My Materials Requests page
  • Pika login for CarlX libraries improperly allowed invalid characters for library card number
  • Cover Images for Kanopy sideloads now display in Pika
  • Fixed OverDrive Hold counts based on new APIs so holds counts are not doubled for advantage libraries.
  • Fixed so OverDrive titles that are only owned by one or more advantage libraries are correctly shown in Pika
  • Pika OverDrive extract is more tolerant of internal server errors from the OverDrive API service
  • Material requests for magazine articles now display the Magazine Title in the request details popup in Manage Requests
  • Reactivation dates for suspended holds in downloaded spreadsheet were not displayed correctly for Horizon libraries


  • Kanopy for Boulder Public Library

Additional Work

  • Pitkin County Library set up for the Digital Archive
  • Aspencat Pika now on a virtual server
  • Access to English Lexile data restored
  • EBSCO processing of their general Marmot catalog used by CMC and Western was not processing properly due to upload of Western’s ebrary records.  Both recordsets are now sent to EBSCO in the same ftp session


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, December 5
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