Meeting Minute for 02/06/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting

February 6th, 2018
Priorities for Next Release
Review of the status from the previous and current months.

  • Virtualize Marmot and Aspencat Production Servers (Mercury Server)
    • New server has been partially delivered and is in the process of being set up
  • Red Book in the archive
    • Done
  • Hoopla Integration
    • In progress
    • Do not touch the Hoopla settings on your live Pika site
    • R & D is using the Hoopla test instance to test it against the live site
  • LION Implementation/Sierra APIs
    • Kickoff meeting and initial tasks complete.
    • On time for completion in early May 2018.
    • LION is a library consortium in Connecticut that is similar in size to Marmot
    • Once finished, if you only purchase Sierra Scheduler for use with Pika, you will no longer need Scheduler.
  • Anythink Servers moving to Marmot
    • Awaiting Anythink’s approval.
    • Removing from release priorities once approved

Other Completed Work:

  • Updates to permissions, security changes, and compound objects for videos for Mesa County’s Studio Lounge project
  • Created and added documentation of Pika user roles
  • See more is the Release Notes

Pika Roadmap
Record Grouping Adjustments

  • Union Cataloging Committee at Marmot wanted to talk about how record grouping is working for travel books
  • R & D will also look at other issues related to record grouping

Conversation topic:

  • Verizon and the Text it to Me feature
    • When patrons are Verizon customers, they are not always receiving text message from Pika
    • When patrons click on the share text message button, the title will be texted to a phone number


  • Verizon changed the way they provide the SMS service, so people will need to pay for service
  • Marmot has investigated, but has not heard back from Verizon
  • For R & D to make the change it will take a lot of investigating and coding to make it work for everyone
  • It is going to be a significant amount of work
  • The text title feature has been used infrequently by patrons

Other Options:

  • Have a message letting the Verizon patrons know it will only work occasionally
  • Turn off the ability to text a title, but leave all the share choices like email, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook
  • Remove Verizon from the drop down menu for the phone provider/carrier
  • Investigate further knowing it could cost money, and will definitely take a lot of R & Ds time to fix


  • The group opted to have the text title button turned off
  • If you do not agree with the group, please send your reason to before Thursday, February 8th

Conferences ALA Midwinter and code4lib

  • R & D team is attending code4lib
  • They have set up meetings with some of the Discovery Partners
  • If anyone else is going and would like to set up a time to meet with the team, send an email to
  • Jordan will be presenting at ALA Midwinter conference.  She will be at the ALCTS Symposium on Friday, February 9th. It is a session for the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS). You have to sign up and pay extra to attend. She will be talking about Pika Discovery and the Digital Archives.

Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, February 6
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