Release Notes for 03/06/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.02.0
Released March  8, 2018
New Functionality

  • Pika linked data now provided in the Open Graph protocol (OGP) format so that Pika results may appear in Google Knowledge graphs and possibly improve display in Facebook shares



  • LION Pika implementation

    • Required connections to Sierra APIs and Sierra DNA setup and verified
    • Initial translation maps populated
    • Initial Library and Location data populated into Pika
    • Initial Overdrive integration set-up

Digital Archive Updates

  • Some Place/Origination entities that use Wikipedia information for the description would incorrectly display some Wikipedia markup when the Wikipedia information wasn’t in a simpler structure typically given.

  • The download of large archive objects would fail due to complications with the large file size



Bug Fixes

  • Marmot copies with a status of Prospector Paged would display in Pika with a red colored “On Shelf” due to the item’s status not being completely set as available. The text now correctly displays in the expected green.
  • Wake County hourly extracts for status updates sometimes don’t get deleted, causing status information for titles in the undeleted extract to not be correct.
  • Fixed Item API call loadSolrRecord to use the passed ID when called directly from code
  • Prevent html tags from being stored in User List titles, descriptions and notes
  • Prevent creation of duplicate My Favorites Lists
  • Fixed lookup of grouped works to only accept valid grouped work ids
  • Ensure cached book cover files are only stored with grouped work ids


  • Pitkin County added to Marmot Kanopy sideload
  • Adams State ProQuest (Ebrary) sideload was incorrectly delivering data onto to EDS

Additional Work

  • Vail only Pika traffic view set up for Vail in Google Analytics
  • Implemented ability to collect bandwidth use stats to help determine hosting requirements
  • Using Sierra APIs to replace full MARC extracts (Work still in progress)
  • Handled Pika sites when Marmot IT installed new switch in the Marmot server room


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, March 6
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