Minutes for 12/04/2012

Review of minutes/action items Strategic Plan - tabled until next meeting so Jimmy can be available to provide guidance Best Practices Document

● Reviewed the changes made to the Best Practices document. Items highlighted in yellow are for emphasis; items highlighted in aqua are changes proposed by Oak, Laurie, and Natalie and presented at MUG 2012.

● Recommendation to add language that holds be placed via VuFind (and not the Millennium client) as this will create the appropriate bib-level hold, and if necessary, prompt the user to select a volume and create an item level hold for the correct item.

● Discussion that 6 days on the hold shelf is strongly recommended, but we can’t force any library to comply with this recommendation

● Recalls - happen very seldomly, recommendation is fine as it is ● Notices - there is some confusion about what notices are generated when and the language on those notices (very generic notices - no library contact information)

Action Item: Karen will talk with Keith to get clarification on which notices are generated and when

● #8 Billed items to lost items/#9 Lost Items - public libraries replace lost items for popular materials very quickly, and would like the ability to delete lost items/reuse item records. Changing billed items to lost allows the owning library to have control of the item record and does not delete any billing information from the patron record. Academic libraries do not generally replace items quite as quickly, and it is not uncommon for academic patrons to sometimes return items months after they are due. Consensus was that items could be set to lost in Millennium after 6 weeks,but if a patron returns an item after it has been marked lost, it still should be returned to the owning library (or notify the owning library to see if they would like the item back). Recommend that items that have been billed for 6+ weeks should be moved from Billed to Lost once a month.

● #11 Because loan rules now follow the rules for the patron of each specific library, there is really no way to enforce shorter loan periods for faculty. Further discussion revealed that this recommendation was included primarily because of problems with Library Staff keeping items for extended periods of time. Removed references to Faculty.

● Removed language about courier notices needing to be on blue paper Request for running a lost items list similar to Prospector - need further discussion on when to schedule and how to coordinate.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2012, December 4
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