Minutes for 02/12/2015

February 12th 2015 ASC Meeting - Minutes

Maruta from III presented the mobile worklists.

They are available (or soon will be) on the App Store. They are supported on the iPhone 5 and up, soon to be supported on all devices.

One worklist manages inventory. Another allows to run paging lists which is handy while walking through the stacks.

Agency Holds - Give precedence to local holds

Agency Holds did not work very well because we needed one generic code per district (the same code for all branches within a district)  and we were not set up that way. We have to do that for all items.

Give Precedence to Local Holds is a global Marmot-wide setting. It is presently set to yes. Marmot wants to set the setting to no once Agency Holds is set up and working properly. There are three million records that need work. The way it works: if one of our patrons has a hold on an item with our agency, that patron will have precedence. It does not “green the holds” as items go to the next patron in the queue, regardless of which patron is closest.

Many libraries have non-holdable materials, which has become difficult to enforce with the consolidation of pTypes. Right now, we are dealing with this situation in various, unsatisfactory ways (Vail does not lend their new materials, to be able to enforce that, all materials go back to Vail so staff can decide to fulfill the holds or not. This has doubled the load for the Circ people. This has a major impact on the courier cost.). We are hoping Agency Holds will make the situation a little smoother. There are other avenues but they may take a while before implementation: We hope to get APIs from III that Pika can use to ensure that non-holdables go to the right patrons.

MobiusAll five Academics opted in but none of the public libraries. We do not have a definite LIVE date. We are hoping for next week. Tuesday or Thursday, after 5PM. No parameter freeze is required and no jar file will be affected. Jean and Rose will tell Marmot about specifics like possible downtime and other specifics.

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, 2015, February 12
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