Minutes for 04/12/2016

ASC Meeting

April 12, 2016


New Business:

  1. Emily – News
    1. Leaving Bud Werner on the 25th
  2. Recommended ASC chair
    1. Amanda at Salida and Austin at Mesa County are chair candidates
    2. Emily –  Chari duties involve maintenance of monthly meetings, investigative work with the committee to determine agenda items, correspondence with Marmot as issues come up, tracking agenda discussions, offering prompt emails as requests for agenda items, keeping track of resolutions and progress on issues, keeping meetings running smoothly and timely, and offering resolutions when possible
      1. The chair does not take minutes in order to keep focused on the meeting and the discussions running smoothly
    3. Outside of the meetings, this commitment requires about 1 hour per week by keeping track of emails and adding agenda items as they arise
      1. Brandon – it is important to have availability and attend every meeting
    4. Both candidates will submit a paragraph indicating why they are interested in this role, why they think they would be a good fit for it, their current occupational duties, and how long they have been on the committee
      1. This paragraph is due on Friday, April 15th
    5. Laurie – what about the possibility of making this position permanent for one year and have the other chair candidate take minutes?
      1. Amy – UCC chair positions are for 2 years
    6. Whoever does not get chosen for the chair position this time will be chosen as the next chair
      1. The runner-up will take meeting minutes
  3. i-type/i-code consolidation option – Emily, Bud Werner & Amy, Garfield
    1. Attended an IUG session presented by Lisa at Ocean State Libraries in Rhode Island who had consistency in how they cataloged i-types
      1. They consolidated their i-types similar to the way that Marmot consolidated p-types recently
    2. Emily – asked Lisa to present some of this information to ASC during an upcoming meeting
    3. Amy – the i-type is the driver for/represent the loan rule
      1. Ocean State’s i-type consolidation resulted in changes to the i-type to become the loan rule and named the loan rule after the i-type
      2. They reorganized the physical format coding to offer greater consistency between libraries and it would offer benefits for statistical reports as well
      3. This would also eliminate the possibility of different libraries checking-out other libraries’ items for extensive periods of time
    4. Brandon – identified i-type reorganization as a necessary project
      1. This ties into lending period issues
      2. Brandon concocted one idea set, which would require all libraries to develop loan rules and i-types at the same time  
      3. Brandon grouped all i-types on a spreadsheet according to material types
      4. Set loans rules would have to be established and agreed upon for uniform checkout periods
      5. Library specific sections for certain items could be established (for semester-long materials, for example)
      6. This table allows for room to grow and features general loan rule guidelines as well as an organization of i-types according to lending period
    5. Amy will email Lisa the new chair’s email address and will try to coordinate her presentation to the committee during our next meeting
  4. Discussion of the text of various notices – Brandon, Marmot / Martha, Ft. Lewis
    1. Notices are drafted in such a way that they tend to confuse patrons because the notices are generated by the owning library
      1. Patrons are often unsure of which library to contact with questions or renewal requests
      2. Brandon drafted a spreadsheet for sites that have library-specific notices
      3. The first step is for Brandon to contact the relevant ASC sites to reword notices and clarify contact options
      4. Brandon – will share a Google doc to determine whether we want notices sent based on the owning or the lending library’s lending policies and will send a link to a spreadsheet featuring each libraries current settings
  5. Emily – Sierra 2.2
    1. Brandon – the upgrade went well and took less than an hour of downtime
    2. No problems have been reported
    3. Clearing jarcach folders the evening before updates/upgrades and opening sessions one at a time seemed to help this process run smoothly
    4. 5 concurrent Sierra Web sessions can be accessed at a time – there is not a way to limit who is accessing sessions at this time, however
      1. Sierra Web primarily features circulation functions
      2. Brandon will reach out to libraries that have poor connectivity for testing
      3. Printing is different because you have to use an email printer or a browser printer, because Sierra Web does not connect to printers in the same way as Sierra desktop sessions
      4. iii is working on improving this feature
    5. Advanced create lists provide 3 options
      1. Classic create lists
      2. Enhanced create lists (which provides greater customization)
      3. Json create lists (allows queries to be built in Json code)
      4. Enhanced and Json create lists can build off of classic queries then add enhanced or Json features
      5. We can now import record numbers into create lists
      6. Brandon will work on getting documentation on the new features to see how they work
    6. The Sierra manual is up to date and should show enhanced and Json create list features
      1. Once Brandon determines what was missing from that manual, he will determine what it can do, create documentation for the new features, and work on offering training
    7. Marmot has a backlog of tickets that have been waiting on software enhancements
      1. Brandon will determine if the new update resolves any of these problems
      2. Please test features that were broken before and report them or their fixes to Marmot
    8. Marmot will give all sites access to Sierra Web for testing
      1. Since only 5 sessions are available, testing will require sign up for specific dates according to location

Old Business:

  1. Hold-ability of order records, update – Brandon, Marmot
    1. Training update – Brandon will information to ASC members


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, April 12
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