Minutes for 05/17/2016

Digital Archive Committee Meeting May 17, 2016

  1. Islandora Update (Jordan)

  • Ft. Lewis migration continues
  • Jordan has created an Archive Timeline spreadsheet indicated estimated dates of completion for each institution/project’s needs

    • This is NOT an date of project completion or content release per se. It relates to full functionality and customization of various project/institution-specific forms

    • Contains project migrations, Islandora setup, project launches (see point above), Pika archive work, misc. tasks

    • Extends through December 2016

  • Staff instructions have been completed and will be updated as new fields (like “demographic information”) and/or procedures are implemented Thank you, Tammy.

  • Metadata forms for “Animals” being developed

  • Family relationships for a “Person” entity include “Child”, “Parent”, and “Sibling”. “Note” field included

  • Family relationships also added to “Organizations” (i.e. U.S. Army and 10th Mountain Division, parent and child respectively) and “Events” (i.e. Pearl Harbor and WWII, child and parent, respectively)

  • Drafting “Art” metadata fields. Will use the Getty Art Thesaurus terms

  1. Pika update (Mark)

  • “Explore More” sidebar continuing to be polished

  • Continued balance between search and linked data results

  • Timestamp links for oral histories and associated transcripts

  • Possible to filter archive results by institutions

  • Download restriction for photos and library card # verification for accessible images

  • Expect news on maps and timelines (see “Pika Archive Work” in “Archive Timeline” Spreadsheet.

  • Contact Mark Noble for access to Pika demonstrations.

  1. Update on Marmot Council Meeting (Jordan & Alysa)

  • “What is Marmot going to look like in 5 years?”

  • Marmot Digital Archive evolution

    • Moderate to Aggressive growth and development

    • Possible invitations to other partners (Clic, etc.) to join the Marmot Digital Archive. Dependant on enthusiasm and abilities of Marmot members

    • Continued focus on cohort 1, preliminary discussion on pricing for cohort 2. Implementation of Phase 2.

    • Support from stakeholders

  1. CO/WY Digital Collections Planning Group Update (Alysa & Jordan)

  • Statewide effort to develop a regional digital archive

    • “Dark Aggregator” will take data from all members and send it along to D.P.L.A.

    • Will not utilize an interface

    • Have established parallel committees/groups. All are welcome to participate

    • Important step for establishing a regional content/service hub for D.P.L.A.

  1. CAL and MUG Presentations (Martha & Jordan)

  • Two presentations/proposals accepted at the CAL/PLA joint meeting

    • Demonstrations of linked data, entities, and the Marmot Digital Archive

  1. Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

    • Adams State: Theses are scanned/digitized; awaiting entity training

    • Bud Werner: staff trained in object description through Islandora. Process of describing Three Wire Winter articles has begun.

    • CCU: Currently standing by. Investigating access policies concerning undergraduate theses.

    • EVLD: Past Perfect migration cleanup; continued work on the Red Book

    • Fort Lewis: Metadata cleanup with the Weber Collection

    • Pine River: Collection Manager position open; projects on hold after position is filled

    • Salida: Rights statement completed; oral history transcriptions have begun

    • Western State: preparing for migration

  2. Collaborative Project Subject Discussion (Jordan & Mark)

    • No news on Phase 2 collaboration and themed project

    • Will revisit in June

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, May 17
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