Minutes for 11/04/2014

Discovery Committee minutes, November 4, 2014

1. Jon showed the Discovery Committee page on the Marmot wiki.

2. Mark discussed the high priority backlog items.

a. Most recent work has been on performance fixes, work completed on tasks like improving homepage loading times, resolving an issue with general slowness related to indexing, resolving slowness caused by logins and pulling data from Overdrive and making some system improvements to the server to improve PHP performance and add monitoring tools.

b. One other notable improvement has been to develop almost real-time indexing of item location and status. Location and status is now accurate with about a 5 to 6 minute delay, depending on the volume of reindexing required. Additions and deletions are still reindexed twice per day.

c. Upcoming work includes implementation at Buena Vista, implementation of VuFind 2014 with discovery partners, and the development/improvement of Horizon and Koha drivers.

d. The bug fix related to the conflict between the availability and format facets was moved to the top of the backlog. e. A link to the PT project will be added to the Discovery Committee page so committee members can review the backlog and help prioritize development / bug fixes.

3. The committee discussed renaming VuFind 2014. From the recent survey, most members support renaming VuFind and a variety of names were suggested. The committee decided another survey would be appropriate to gauge interest in possible names.

4. Logan talked about Anythink’s involvement in the Libhub Initiative. The committee discussed possibilities for using BIBFRAME in digital repository projects and suggested that further presentations about Libhub/BIBFRAME should be made to the UCC and Digital Repository committees.

5. Mark and Jordan detailed their experiences at Internet Librarian.

a. Both presentations went well and sparked quite a bit of discussion among conference attendees about Marmot’s work with VuFind, records grouping and catalog enhancement.

b. Several conversations took place between Marmot and other vendors including BiblioCommons, Cherry Hill, Massachusetts, and New York Public Library.

c. Marmot and NYPL discussed the Library Simplified project and its platform agnostic ereader app, and how Marmot and NYPL could work together. The project will likely be referred back to the Discovery Committee in a few months as it gets closer to a general release.

d. Marmot and Denver Public Library discussed the Volume Denver project.

6. The committee discussed the availability of positive quotes from customers and staff about the implementation and ease of use for VuFind 2014.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2014, November 4
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