Minutes for 08/04/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 4 August, 2015 Minutes

High Priority Backlog

  • This is a big release with a good deal of new functionality. Refinement is still occurring and if members have capacity to help test can let Mark know.
  • Multi ILS Support – Nashville Public on III (Millennium) and Nashville Schools on TLC (Library.Solution). Mark had hoped to demo how Pika dealt with this, but Nashville’s network was down, but the development effort will help with other library systems like Koha and Horizon
  • Indexing Information –
    • Demoed profiles for indexing. Most Marmot member libraries can ask Mark or Pascal for help with this if interested.
    • Translation Maps allow for on-the-fly updating of labels such as iTypes, i.e. can change the display name in Pika of iTypes that the ILS initially sends over. This is primarily for Discovery partners as things such as iType names are shared among Marmot members, so changing it in the translation table would mean changing it for all members.
  • Records Owned – can choose to only display holdable copies; same with on order, econtent, etc.
  • Text search boxes – added to administrator interface for those who administer multiple sites, and also to Browse Categories to allow for quick searches to find the branch or browse category needing editing.
  • Account Linking – allows for the linking of accounts to a single view; particularly useful for those who have library cards in a school as well as the local public library. Could then view all checked out items from across the institutions in one view. This feature is in Account Settings and is opt in for the patron (off by default). Administrators can block linking both from account to account or to everyone. Can toggle reading history between accounts, and could link parents and kids accounts. Admins can also choose to disable linking all together and not allow it at all.
  • Order records functionality was improved
  • Working on not showing the hold button in instances where there are only non-holdable items.
  • Sierra’s Bookings Module implemented for Fort Lewis college.
  • Pascal demoed new ratings and reviews functionality. Basically the two features were separated from one another for easier user control. Now patrons have the option of only rating or only reviewing or doing both. Also, libraries now have the option of enabling only ratings or only reviews or both.

OverDrive and Expired Accounts

  • Jimmy provided some background information about this topic to the group, and followed up with an email describing next steps for Marmot to investigate. These findings will be discussed at our next meeting. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, August 4
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