Minutes for 12/01/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 1 December, 2015 Minutes

Next Sprint (2015-14)

  • Possible development items (pending development team planning meeting) include:
    • Integration with digital archive
    • Side-loading of eContent
    • Mobile theme
    • Arlington preparation for go-live currently scheduled for February, 2016
    • New role for staff to be able to update some, but not all Pika administrative settings.
    • Modify subject searching from within a record to be a single-click search.

Demo of new features/bug fixes to be released (2015-13)

  • Mark demoed new functionality and bug fixes for this next release. This included:
    • Horizontal search bar now an option. The setting to turn this on is in admin under searching.
    • List widgets documentation now complete.
    • Newspaper information now being displayed for those using Sierra’s serials module (already displayed for journals/magazines).
    • Volumes holds (Arlington) – can now place holds on individual volumes.
    • Author Notes now available as a new display option for enhanced content.
    • Status discrepancies resolved (statuses were different in full record vs. title list view).
    • Partially loaded cover art now resolved. These were displaying half gray. Let Mark know if you still see issues with this.
    • Douglas County Libraries will be shutting down their Adobe Content Server. Those titles are in the process of being moved to OverDrive, which will hopefully be complete by the end of December.
    • Real-time indexing. Libraries are still reporting that the syncing can take 30 minutes or so. Mark says it should only take 5-10. Mark will look into this and will also see about adding the status update information to Pika’s staff view.
    • Archive data. Mark showed mock-ups of potential displays, including mobile and desktop displays. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, December 1
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