Minutes for 01/05/2016

Discovery Committee Meeting 5 January, 2016 Minutes

New email group

Mark created a new email group: pika@marmot.org which can be used for support and/or questions. This will basically get emails to both Mark and Pascal, ensuring the issue/question gets in the right hands and answered. You can still continue to enter TrackIt and/or Marmot tickets, but if you have typically emailed Mark directly in the past for anything, please use this email address instead.

Demo of new features/bug fixes to be released

  • Mark demoed new functionality and bug fixes for this next release. This included:
    • Mobile enhancements.
    • Side Loading: Pika administrative settings for this are in Indexing Information. Mark can help set this up for you.
    • New Pika Administrative Roles: there are now three new roles which Pika administrators can add staff to who might want access to some administrative functions, but not necessarily all. The three roles are Library Manager, Location Manager, and Circulation Reports. The permissions are outlined in Admin, but let Mark/Pascal know if any of these settings need adjusting.
    • Other fixes: searching in Online Collection was not working properly but is now. Also showing Wikipedia results is again now working.
    • Arlington: Go-live set for the beginning of February.
    • Local History Archive: starting to get data loaded now.

Next Sprint

  • More archives work
  • More mobile enhancements
  • Arlington final details  Bug fixes
  • Enhancing some of the BIBFRAME and Schema.org work done previously. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, January 5
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