Minutes for 04/05/2016

Discovery Committee Meeting 5 April, 2016 Minutes


The entire R & D team (Mark, Jordan, Pascal) as well as James Staub (Nashville Libraries) went to Code for Lib in Philadelphia at the beginning of March. They learned about archives, discovery, subject matching and reconciliation. Mark and Jordon presenting about the Digital Archive, link data and algorithms. James did a lighting talk about record grouping about schools working with the public library. There was a patch release to fix a few bugs from the last sprint. It was mostly targeted towards Arlington. Those bug fixes are integrated into the release notes for this sprint. R & D would like to get some of the bug fixes done, before working on new development other than the archives.

Demo of new feature/bug fixes to be released on Thursday, April 7th

  • Mark demoed new functionality and bug fixes for this next release. This included:
    • Records To Not Merge - Records can now be ungrouped manually
      • Users with Cataloging Permissions can access a new option in the Cataloging section of the sidebar called Records To Not Merge.
      • This option allows users to manually identify a record based on its ID which should not be grouped with other records.
      • Records that are ungrouped can be manually grouped with other records if needed based on their new work id.
    • Publisher and Publication Dates now show in search results for all records
    • Changes to indexing of order records for Flatirons
      • Now shows additional order statuses and does not include records with cataloging date filled out.
    • Adjustments to library manager and location manager permissions
      • Greatly restricted permissions for these 2 roles
      • Library Manager permissions now include only System Message, Contact Links, Browse Categories, Widgets, Holiday Hours and Sidebar Links
      • Location Manager permissions now include only Browse Categories, Widgets and Hours
  • Bug Fixes
    • o Record Grouping was not properly indexing records after merging
    • Titles enclosed in brackets group properly o Renew All specifies which titles failed renewal
    • Fixes for logins in Sierra/Millennium for Patrons that have HTML reserved characters in their patron record
    • OverDrive MediaDo records are indexed properly
    • When a user receives the automatic logout warning, the timer will now reset after they indicate they want to continue
    • Improvements to the intervals between record changes in the ILS and display of that information within Pika.
    • Loan rule determiners with ptypes longer than 50 characters were being cut off.
  • Other Changes
    • Increased Memory on Wake County and Anythink servers
    • Sideloading setups for Marmot (ebrary, Colorado State Gov Docs)
    • New Favicon for Englewood
  • Digital Archive Work in Pika
    • Migration of data for Fort Lewis
    • Display full metadata for people
    • Display of Genealogy data for People. I.e. http://evld2.marmot.org/Archive/person:4748/Person
    • Display of objects that are directly related to a person o Setup for Cattlemen’s Days
    • Setup for Three Wire Winter
  • Other Non-Pika work
    • Migration of data for Longmont

Next Sprint

The goal is to get as many bug fixes done as possible. We will be trying to group them in 2016.04.0. For the people looking at Youtrack, if you have a favorite bug that you have been hoping to get worked on, and it is not assigned to 2016.04.0, please let Mark know at pika@marmot.org. They will see if the bug fix is something that they can accommodate. This will be more front end things this month, and back end things next month. Anything that is marked critical they will try to get done this month. As well as things marked major. There is a status for needs library or vendor information. Mark is trying to unscheduled those, because we will not know when Hoopla or OverDrive will get around to addressing our issues. He will follow-up on those items monthly. Once Mark hears back from the vendors, they will assess if the issue can be address in the next sprint. Bug fixes will get the highest priority first, and Digital Archives things. There will probably not be as much new feature development in the next month or two, while working on bug fixes.

Reminder: Mark and Pascal will be working on the Youtrack tickets together, so remember to send any information to pika@marmot.org

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, April 5
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