Minutes for 07/05/2016

Discovery Committee Meeting 5 July, 2016 Minutes

New Functionality

  • AR and Lexile data can now be shown in search results and in the top section of full record view based on new settings in library settings.
    • The data is abbreviated o The format for AR matches the Renaissance Learning website, and AR BookFinder
    • AR codes: IL (interest level), BL (book level), AR pts (AR points)
    • If the Lexile information is available, it will show as well
    • The AR and Lexile information will show in the full record, if it is configured in the Full Record Display
  • Update Wake County to determine target audience based on collection code
    • There was a discussion a few weeks ago about what people want to do with the target audience facet. One question was about wanting to change unknown to general, if it was not coded. Second, did we want to do coding based off location codes for people who were not coding reading level off location codes already?
    • The goal is to improve the audience facet. Right now there is a large number of generals and unknowns
    • No decisions were made, so this is a topic that will need to be discussed next month
  • Move breadcrumbs below header and more clearly differentiate where you are in the system (Catalog / Archive / Genealogy / Account)
    • Home would bring you back to the catalog or the browse page, unless you have browse configured to go back to your library homepage.
    • You can relabel Home link to be Catalog Home, or anything else you wanted.
  • Allow login via CAS – Central Authentication Service (currently available to Fort Lewis Only)
    • This requires SSL to work o The idea behind this service is that you log in once, and you gain access to all the university information
    • New login form
    • Detection if a user is already logged in
      • The original login is available for Community Members
    • Login to Sierra after authenticating in CAS
      • Faculty, staff and students would login which would take them to the central authentication service.
    • They will be logged in to Pika as well.
    • Logout of CAS when logging out of Pika 
  • CARL.X integration for Nashville
    •  Initial setup of test server
    • Login to CARL.X
    • Load patron information from CARL.X
    • Load titles on hold from CARL.X
    • Load titles checked out from CARL.X
    • Update Patron profile

Digital archive work in Pika

  • Display of Postcards within Pika. Front and Back of the postcard can both be viewed and both sides can be zoomed.
  • You can zoom out to see the entire vertical postcard now

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Export from Sierra to use new API functionality which should be faster than the old method. Should eliminate cases where we miss updates because there are too many changes.
    • The update period from checkout to OPAC update should be less than 5 minutes
  • Updated Sierra settings to allow Marmot users to update their home library.
  • Fixed “More from the Catalog” link from Explore More for objects in the archive when there are a large number of Librarian Picks.
  • Removed restriction that words appeared in the same order when finding relevant objects for Explore More (caused problems for related people especially).
  • Fixed so vertically oriented images can be zoomed all the way out.
  • Centered options within explore more sidebar for better presentation.
  • Improved formatting of explore more bar within search results (better centered options and controls).
  • Do not show entities in Explore More Bar when searching the archive.
    • You will not see items that are already in the search results.
  • Suppress content within specific test namespaces within the archive.

eContent Sideload setups

  • Sideloading of Zinio (and Zinio Back Issues) for Marmot
    • We need to make sure these records have the ISSN, so they will show up in Gold Rush
  • Setup of OneClick Digital for Longmont

Other changes

  • Updated Logo for CMC
  • SSL enabled for Anythink (all libraries now have SSL available).
    • Pascal talked about the Let’s Encrypt certificate
      • It is an automated certificate authority service
      • It is 90-day automated process for renewing certificates
      • Pascal will experiment with the CarlX sandbox to see if we can use the certificate
      • We could possibly use this for all the library catalogs. It would be automated, and you would not have to pay for certificates
      • This would be free certificates with the same level of security that we pay for with your current certificates
  • Nina Heald Webber Collection import completed
  • Moved Obituary information from production server to test server so more obituaries appear

Next Sprint

  • Continue with the CarlX integration
  • Continue with the Archive integration
  • Work on more of the bug fixes

Other Information

Beth Gallinger, Karen Neville and Martha Talman are writing papers about discovery layers.

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Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, July 5
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