Pika Release Notes for 09/01/2016

Pika Release Notes 2016.08.0

Released on 9/1/2016

New Functionality

  • Add the ability for patrons to reset their pin in Horizon for libraries with the latest version of the Horizon APIs installed.


  • Public Lists based on the New York Times published lists can now be created.

    • Need account information for the shared user to create the lists for. Just let us know which username and account you want to have associated with the NY Times List.

    • Available for anyone with the role of OPAC Admin, Library Admin, Library Manager or Content Editor.

    • NY Times lists can be used as list widgets or browse categories.

  • Checkouts page allows sorting by user account if the user has linked accounts

  • Created a new tool to merge add and delete files with an existing MARC record file (Video)

  • Add the ability to set how many titles can be shown for a list widget.

Bug Fixes

  • Citations for user lists now work properly

  • Updated the list of pTypes that can bypass automatic logout at Marmot

  • Properly identify branches based on sublocation code if more than one branch has the same location code.  See Lincoln Memorial Library and Lincoln County Bookmobile

  • If subject display is limited to LC Subjects and or Bisac Subjects, only those subjects will show within Grouped Work View.

  • Fix display of Checkouts and Reading History for users who have MARC records that are invalid checked out.

  • Identify Lynda.com courses as non-fiction based on 655a of Instructional Video or Educational Video

  • When adding new titles to a list, the available lists are sorted alphabetically.  

  • Series no longer displays in search results if there isn’t a series for a title.

  • Fix display of ISSN within record details (was showing as Array)

  • Fix display of librarian picks to allow additional url formats (see Remembering Salida Collection)

  • Fix more from the catalog and other issues where the subjects weren’t being loaded into Pika properly (see Remembering Salida Collection)

  • Hide transcript section for objects in the archive that do not have a transcription for them.

  • Fix display of related objects for archive objects

  • Fix filtering by date for archive map view.

  • Refine which people are shown in the production team section for archive objects

  • Search result counts were not matching counts of related objects from the archive within the Explore More sidebar.

Digital archive work in Pika

  • Display of Books within Pika including

    • Display of Transcription, PDF, Image

  • Navigation between pages

  • Table  of contents for books with sections

  • All pages have permanent urls that can be shared with others

  • Objects related to specific pages can be viewed while browsing

  • Display of PDF’s (Academic Research)

  • User Lists can contain both materials from the catalog and materials from the archive.

    • User lists with archive materials can be used in list widgets

  • User lists with archive materials can be used in browse categories

  • Collections within a collection can now be ordered within the metadata and displayed sorted on the collection page. Objects in a collection will also sort by title now by default.

  • Collections are now properly paginated if they contain more than one page worth of objects.

  • Collections of collections are now shown as widgets if there are a limited number of sub collections.

  • Users can search within a collection.  Results appear as normal search results with the collection preselected.

  • Display parent and children relationships for people (see Monie Beal)

  • LIbrary Administrators can view staff view for archive objects now.

Additional Archive work

  • Launch of Vail Valley Quilt Project and Remembering Salida Project

  • Migrated Digital Archive (Islandora) to new internal server from hosted server.

eContent Sideload setups

  • Springer records for Western State

  • Oxford Reference for Western State

  • Zinio for Flatrions

  • Automatic export of ebrary DDA records to EBSCO for Adams State


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Tuesday, 2016, August 30
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