Minutes for 05/10/2016

E-Content Committee Meeting 5/10/2016

Baker & Taylor Axis 360 Demo - Carolyn Morris

  • Axis 360 Presentation Video
    • Q: Do you offer an API to integrate discovery into our catalog?
    • A: They have an API. They are willing to work on it more to make sure it works better for the Marmot system.
    • Q: Do you offer patron recommendations? If so, do they go specifically to libraries within the consortium, or just to one central place?
    • A: There is a patron recommendation engine that is only available on their web presence. It is controlled at the individual library level not at the consortium level. Within Title Share 360 it is easy to share carts between organizations. It is easy to transfer titles from an individual library to a broader organization to review. The patron requests can come as an email, or go into a title source cart.
    • Q: Would every library in the consortia have to subscribe to Title Share 360 (TS360)?
    • A: No. They are giving TS360 to any library who subscribes to Axis 360. Any library can have access to TS360 for free to order eBooks.
    • Q: What about Kindle titles? I didn't see anything about it in the presentation.
    • A: The apps work on the Kindle Fire. The app is in the Amazon Kindle Store. It does not work on the E Ink devices. OverDrive has an exclusive on E Ink. It does work will with old E Ink devices that supports Adobe editions for PDF or EPUB.
    • Q: Do you sell Kindle titles?
    • A: They do not sell Kindle formatted titles. You can get the Axis 360 app on a Kindle Fire, and view any of the Axis 360 content.

Overdrive Advantage - Jimmy

  • Jimmy sent an email on April 26th titled, “Introducing a new feature for Advantage libraries.” The email had information about sharing Advantage Collections with the rest of the Consortium after a few criteria were met.
  • By opting in to this new setting in OverDrive Marketplace, Advantage members can choose to automatically share titles with the consortium that meet the following criteria:
    • The title must have been in the Advantage collection for one (1) year or more (based on the date the title was first added by the Advantage member).
    • The title must have no current holds or checkouts in the Advantage collection.
    • The consortium must support the digital format of the title (e.g., eBook or audiobook).
  • Important Notes:
    • First, the consortium must approve. Once approved, a consortium cannot reverse its selection.
    • Following approval from the consortium, an Advantage member can opt-in. Advantage members can opt-out at any time, but any titles previously contributed to the consortium will remain in the shared collection.
    • All copies of eligible titles in the Advantage collection will be moved to the shared collection.
    • Purchase & Subscriptions reports will not reflect the moved titles. Titles originally purchased by the Advantage member will continue to appear as Advantage purchases in these reports.
    • Collection Usage reports will reflect the moved titles. Titles that move from the Advantage collection to the shared collection will now appear as belonging to the consortium. Historical holds and checkouts will be maintained.
    • By default, MARC records will not be ordered for the moved titles. If you would like to order MARC records for moved titles that the consortium did not previously own, please contact your Account Specialist.
  • The email was forwarded to the seven libraries that have Advantage collections. The seven libraries agreed that everything sounded okay to move forward with this new feature.
    • Q: Will Pika know that the title has been moved from an Advantage collection to the shared collection?
    • A: OverDrive knows what items belong in the Advantage collection as well as the shared collection, so whatever they do to make that distinction will flow through to Pika. In addition, Alysa Selby was asked by Mark Noble to test the process after OverDrive makes this new feature active for Marmot.
    • Q: What titles are going to get moved? A lot of titles are leases, or have a limited number of checkouts. Will the only titles that get moved be the Random House titles? What happens with an item that has a year lease? What happens if you do not reach your checkout amount? Do those checkouts get moved to the regular collection?
  • Action Item: Tammy will ask Andy Bucher about the questions related to which Advantage titles will get moved.
  • Action Item: Tammy will contact Andy Bucher to have this feature turned on for Marmot on Monday, April 16th .

April Action Item: Accuracy of Overdrive Reports – Tammy

  • The main difference between the carts and the report is that the cart is like a snapshot of the day that it is run, while the report is a comprehensive look. A cart will also only contain titles that have been requested within that time period, so if a title is not purchased, it will only enter a new cart if it is requested again by another patron.

April Action Item: Suggest a title form - Brandon

  • The form is now live on the Marmot OverDrive site. Brandon worked with the libraries to update their email contacts on the form. Some of the emails were being sent to Brandon for testing. Anyone who did not have an OverDrive purchaser opted to have their form sent to Marmot. The way the form works is that it looks at the two letter code for the library in the patron record. It sends the form information to the library staff member’s email account. Please contact Marmot if your OverDrive purchaser changes.
  • Important: when you receive a patron’s request, you will need to copy the patron’s email address, and paste it into the “To” field when replying to them. If you just hit “reply” your response will go to the Marmot help email.

Other information: The Axis 360 trials will be discussed at our next meeting. Also, we will have a demo from Flipster at our next meeting. We would like to hear comments on both products after the Flipster demo. 

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Tuesday, 2016, May 10
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