Meeting Recording Video for 12/14/2015

Meeting Topics for Pika :

  • Stop stemming beyond plurals, then use *for truncation
  • Always and AND search, allow zero/very few results
  • Options for larger, horizontal search box (also supported by many public libraries) - Done
  • More local control in top display (call # size, add publisher info, and format, etc.) - Done, these configuration options exit
  • Fix problems with grouping because of combined bib records for different editions; show only local bib results
  • Improve admin interface: more logic and clarity, note or remove items not uder local control
  • Choice to default eo expanded bib info for items displayed in groups
  • Add author, call #, subject, title browse searches
  • Course reserve module in Pika
  • Change list-making: no required login, one click add
Meeting Date: 
Monday, 2015, December 14
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