Minutes for 03/26/2013

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Minutes Wednesday, March 26, 2013

Old Business:

  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)—Cataloging standards and RDA topics
  • (Penny)—Redundant order records--order records that trigger duplicate bibs Discussed quarterly cleanup project by libraries that use acquisitions; MK suggested looking for records older than 18 months. Alysa will send a description of the create list query she uses to find bibs with orders but no items.
  • (Mark)—Record Grouping functionality Englewood Schools are “live” March 31 and will be using the new version of the oPac which incorporates the changes Mark has made through record grouping.
  • (Karen) GMD in RDA/Millennium
  • (Shannon)—Decision center saves information about withdrawn items?

New business:

  • (MK) Z39.50 list in Sierra MK asked for volunteers to go through the list at http://irspy.indexdata.com/, a Z39.50 target directory. We are looking for sites with lots of Spanish language materials. Send any sites identified for inclusion to the list/Keith. Nancy has verified that all of the Z39.50 sites on the current list are active.
  • (MK) process for copying periodical bibs that have over 500 records attached and moving your library's items and checkin cards MK worked with Shannon to document the process of creating a duplicate bib and moving items and checkin cards. WSCU has moved items from some bibs. Libraries with more than 400 items should be moved to a duplicate record. The library code should be appended to the end of the OCLC code in the 001. MK will send out instructions to the list. Deduping procedure for SkyRiver records Further discussions on this will take place once there are some SkyRiver records in the database to work with. SkyRiver records should be matching and attaching (not overlaying) existing OCLC records. MK needs to work with SkyRiver on load tables.
  • (Shelly) Should OCLC remove MARC tag 938 from her records? Consensus was that these fields can be stripped.
  • (Alysa)—RDA --update bib record templates for creating new bibs MK has put together preliminary templates, they need to be reviewed for any additions/changes. Karen suggested pre-filling the values in the 336, 337, 338 fields. (MK) Cataloging Standards - we need to get these finalized and published Leave on agenda until published.
  • (MK) Maintenance Reminder about naming conventions in create lists, templates, statistics - names should start with the library site code. Reminder to delete system generated files - if you create a review file, be sure to put it in a bucket to clear it out of the list. The new release of Sierra will be installed soon, and it should contain several fixes for create lists. Templates need to be named beginning with the library site code. Templates can be renamed. The process appears to create a duplicate, but when you click on the old name of the template, it will clear from the list. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2013, March 26
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