Minutes for 06/25/2014

Union Catalog Committee meeting Agenda & Notes June 25, 2014

Old Business:

  • (MK) Z39.50 list in Sierra – MK hasn’t had time to add servers to the Z39.50 database in Sierra.
  • After hearing that MarcEdit has them, she looked and saw quite a list. Would this be a temporary access point? **note from MK while finishing the minutes – I misunderstood this option when I first looked in MarcEdit. The option to add z39.50 servers is there but why do that if we’re going to add new ones within Sierra soon?
  • (MK) process for copying periodical bibs that have over 500 records attached and moving your library's items and check-in cards There are a few periodicals that still need records created and items moved.
  • MK and Nancy will finish this project.
  • MK - Deduping procedure for SkyRiver records – If records are an exact match, keep OCLC record rather than the SkyRiver record. Per Angela and Jo, SkyRiver 001 number is not needed as search is initiated using Title or ISBN#. MK to poll SkyRiver libraries, SRL and Summit County on workflows to see if they agree regarding need for SKY# (001 or 9xx marc tag).
  • (Alysa) Redundant order records – Alysa’s create list query, results – Amy Shipley will re-post the message with the steps she takes for Garfield orders.
  • Here they are so we have them archived in the minutes:
    • 1) Create a list of all your library’s orders within a certain date range. Be sure to limit to only orders that have a status of "paid."
    • 2) Create a list from that one of bibs with bib location gc-gcz basically to get a list of all the bibs those orders are attached to.
    • 3) Using global update, bring in that list of bibs. Use Tools-- Limit with the limit being *item location between gc and gcz*. That excludes any bibs without garco items attached.
    • 4) Remove any bibs that came up after that limit. (You are removing the bibs with your items attached)
    • 5) Now you have bibs with orders attached for your library but no items.

(MK) Naming conventions continued – Reminder,

  • 1. File names in create lists, statistics, and any other place you name lists should always start with your library’s Location Code.
  • 2. Names should be no longer than 50 characters

(MK) Cataloging Standards – what needs to be done and what is our deadline?

  • Karen, Alysa & Mark have given comments, MK to review and put on Wiki by Aug 31, 2014. 933 tag.
  • Is this step in the de-duped procedure still necessary? - 933 is lost when a new matching record overlays the existing one.
  • In VuFind 2014, the 933 with deleted bib number is no longer necessary.
  • Consensus is to stop adding 933 tag since so many of them are wiped on by overlaying records and because they’re not needed in VuFind 2014.

New business: None

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2014, June 25
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