Minutes for 01/28/2015

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Agenda Wed. January 28, 2015


  • MOBIUS update and Marmot project plan - Update from Jimmy
    • Breakthrough with III: Marmot members will be able to either participate in Mobius or not
    • All 5 academics will be in; all 12 publics are out
    • Service fee to III - $10K to not use Mobius
    • If you contribute to Prospector, all items will be visible to all Prospector users, but new entries in loan determiner table will either allow or disallow holds
    • Mobius pull-down list won’t list Marmot’s public libraries as participating members
    • Unsure of “go-live” date - maybe February 2nd, maybe later
    • Sierra side will work the same as Prospector for paging lists, etc. Mobius requests will be on the INN-Reach pull lists
    • Mobius libraries have different paging slip and packaging
  • Discussion regarding Authority reclamation with LTI - Update from Jimmy
    • Jimmy forwarded document from LTI; last full catalog update was 8 years ago; sending whole database would be a cost savings
    • Questions: should we exclude ebook records? Other records? - ebooks yes; temporary records should include a 500 note: no A.C. (this isn’t consistently done)
    • When do we want to do it? No downtime, but reload will be very time consuming (more than a week)
    • Ft. Lewis will be rejoining Marmot this summer; possibly wait until after Ft. Lewis rejoins?
    • Summer is likely timeframe
    • Subcommittee: Jamie, Shelly, Emily, Mary Katherine
    • UCC committee recommends LTI for this project; RFP would be unnecessarily burdensome
  • Cataloging Standards/Best practices to be established and documented – what needs to be done and what is our deadline? - Update from Mary Katherine
    • Mary Katherine has done a fair amount of work; has a running list of things that need to be added. Deadline was last November. Now is “as soon as possible.”
    • Questions:
      • Which records keep the prefix in the 001, and which remove it - only OCLC records should strip the prefix; other vendor records should have a prefix added if they do not have one
      • Current practice in Prospector is to have a prefix on the 001 of the electronic resource bibs. Marmot has followed that practice except when records come directly from OCLC (SpringerLink, Ebsco, for example.) Amy at WPL adds “fre” to 001 of Freading bibs. Ebr is the prefix for ebrary records.
      • Vendor records use load table that is set to match and attach, not match and overlay
      • Please let Mary Katherine know if the current practices are not working
  • Ask a question any question- UCC training sessions within scheduled UCC meeting.
    • How do you catalog differing formats for DVD and Blu-ray? Do they go on the same bib?
      • Example: .b3512779x - came as set; appropriate for them to be on the same record
      • Add information in call number? Or is it better to be in volume number to trigger item level hold?
      • Are items being circulated separate or together? Some places are circulating together.
      • We want to prefer bib-level holds. If splitting out, put DVDs on DVD records, and Blu-Ray on Blu-Ray only record.
      • UCC: prefers that DVD goes on DVD record; Blu-Ray on Blu-Ray record; combo record only if the items circulate together.
    • Can you build a create list to find the duplicate patron barcodes?
      • Create list & sort by barcode and look for duplicates
      • Export create list to Excel & use find duplicates function in Excel.
    • Training: Headings reports
      • Can create a review file from duplicate headings
      • How do people use them in their workflow
        • After loading a batch from OCLC; run heading reports & checking for duplicates
      • Had open ticket with III that the reports were unreliable; closed without an update - Mary Katherine will do testing on the Test Server & follow up with III if necessary


  • Seed packet cataloging standards
    • Current records are meeting Marmot standards o Mark worked with Alysa on image displays and how records are grouped in Pika
    • Basalt records are very specific to Basalt (donor info, etc.); Bud Werner’s are more generic & designed for everyone to use - images are linked from the 856 in the record & uploaded to the Marmot server. Bud Werner has a record template for seed records.
    • Should Bud Werner keep the bibs they created on the server for seeds that won’t be included in the collection this spring? They are currently suppressed, but they could dump to a MARC file for storage and be deleted from Sierra.
    • Will need to be added details for cataloging seeds to the Cataloging Standards
    • Should each library derive their own bibliographic record for seeds and not try to share bibs? This would possibly make record grouping easier.
    • Need subcommittee for seed library cataloging standards: Emily, Sarah, and Mary Katherine. Will present at next UCC meeting. 
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Wednesday, 2015, January 28
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