Minutes for 08/26/2015

Union Catalog Committee, August 26, 2015


  • Sierra Rel. 2.0 Here is the link to see what known issues will be fixed. The user name is marmo. Call if you need the password. http://csdirect.iii.com/sierra/kb/index.php?cat_id=9998&tag_id=74 The enhancements link: http://csdirect.iii.com/release/enhancements/sierra_2.0_enhancements.shtml
  • ISBN overlays – how they contribute to items being on the wrong record based on format.
    • Mary Katherine sent 2 emails on 8/4/15 with Normalized ISBNs in the subject line regarding bib records with multiple ISBN formats.
    • Please reference those emails for the details.
    • Let MK know if you need another copy of the emails.
    • Some discussion followed with members expressing concern that needing to look at every bib for issues with the ISBNs and format was cumbersome and not time efficient.
    • Mary Katherine reiterated that the recommendations being made are just that, recommendations. She also mentioned that not taking the time to edit the ISBNs prior to loading the bibs could lead to more time needed to make any necessary corrections after the bib is loaded.
    • Batch files from vendors could be pulled into MarcEdit to examine and edit prior to loading.
    • Some members did agree that entering subfield |z to avoid attaching items to bibs of the wrong format would be a “best practice.”
    • Although not mentioned in the meeting, in one of the emails, Mary Katherine mentions needing to document this issue in a soon-to-be written “Marmot guidelines for cataloging eContent materials.”
  • BibFrame and Zepheira – what this is (Emily)
    • BibFrame is a data model designed to replace MARC standards and to link bibliographic data on the web.
    • Essentially, it would bring our records to the web and make the materials searchable and discoverable.
    • It is an entirely new way of cataloging materials to better suit the searching strategies of our users and brings library data up as an option for relevant information on an internet search engine.
    • BibFrame is a linked data initiative that takes the elements we use in libraries, such as MARC records, subject headings and authority headings, assign them URI’s (the web path that makes things identifiable and exposed to the web as a resource) and establishes linked relationships between those URI’s.
    • Zepheria is the company that has paired with the Library of Congress to convert MARC records into BibFrame records.
    • Our bib records would be extracted from Sierra and sent to Zepheria for conversion to Bibframe, which then allows them to be discoverable on the web.
      • Jo – Attended Zepheira training, VPL doesn’t lend outside of VPLso there is concern for VPL items going world wide on the web.
      • Amy – doesn’t think it would be double workload – monthly transport of records to BibFrame as Zepheira does most of the work.
      • Jimmy – spoke with John Richardson (Zepheira) and is awaiting pricing info.
    • Mark N. is working on similar project and Jimmy would like to have cost comparison.He is ok with having Zepheira presentation in October.


  • Authority control project update
    • Mary Katherine – as of this meeting time, there are 3 files left to load (600k bibs).
    • All should be loaded before Sierra 2.0 upgrade.
    • Bibs that have been updated by the LTI update will have a marc tag 948 that contain LTI 7/27/2015.
    • The .b number in the 907 marc tag should match the bib number of the bib it is in.
    • Any bibs that don’t have a 948 with that information will be extracted and sent to LTI unless they still have “No A.C.” or no CAT date.
    • It is planned for early September.
    • Mary Katherine will research and document the processes for quarterly maintenance to share at a meeting later this fall. re .b.


Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, August 26
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