Minutes for 10/28/2015

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Agenda – October 28, 2015


  • Open-ended meeting UCC Reboot
    • Jimmy – wants to rethink UCC needs, get UCC input, send Doodle to UCC for time of day for New Union Catalog Coordinator interviews.
    • Brandon – Marmot wants to get info from UCC regarding needs, patron loads, record loads, etc.
    • Jimmy - Called for individual input from each UCC member.
    • Mark – What kind of tools does UCC want for streamlining workloads, etc.
    • Jimmy – New candidate would possibly be a developer with skills, knowledge of Sierra limitation.
    • Amy Currier, CMC Quigley – no comment
    • Carol McArdell, PCL – Cataloging questions expertise (Mark)
    • Lloyd Chittenden, FTL – no comment
    • Debbie Barnes, RPL – no comment
    • Diane Levin, EVLD – Sierra expertise, catalog, reports, Create List, etc. Acquisitions
    • (Amy Shipley, GC & Emily Veenstra-Ott, SSB conduct monthly training), Tammy P., Marmot can facilitate.
    • Emily Veenstra-Ott, SSB – Tapping into education, Marc, cataloging, Sierra expertise, what are we not able to do, programmer, bit-frame (Zephira).
    • Mark N., Marmot, can work on this, Zephira at Discovery comm, Thurs 2-2:30pm, also checking on bit-frame for digging archives, Google doesn’t understand it, using Schema.org 
    • Jo Norris, VPL – Create List, global updates, umbrella understanding, not just programming.
    • Brandon – lots of knowledge in Marmot office, Brandon & Tammy available for advice.
    • Karen Neville, CCU – Overview of what everyone’s doing, not just training by fellow members as members are busy, she would like to see expertise from Marmot office, load tables-how they work, etc., Pika, Sierra working together, addressing lists of questions, LTI project, ongoing maintenance, deduping.
    • Jimmy – LTI project completed.
    • Brandon – Load of authority records not done, he will call III.
    • Jimmy – custom training for Brandon and new UC Coordinator, FTL is high on priority list.
    • Jamie – LTI should be updated continually, sending adds/edits, to avoid big project.
    • Shelly – Brandon to use task scheduler to automatically send to FTP server, tc.
    • Kristen Trombo, SRL – What they need from UCC is consistent results.
    • Marmot – relying on Marmot for help on workflow, create list, global updates, etc. Need somone in Marmot office who has overview/background of what libraries are doing.
    • Jimmy – School libraries are already short-staffed, Marmot office should be first resource.
    • Mary Walsh, ASU – Agrees with Jo/Karen/Emily – Translate Sierra records, need UCC Cataloger best practice guidelines.
    • Brandon – best practices guidelines are posted (to be updated for OCLC/SkyRiver) – info.marmot.org, Catagories drop down, Sierra dropdown/Resources, under Sierra General click on Sierra Guidelines link, click on Cataloging Guidelines which opens document which can be accessed by new catalogers, as well.
    • There is a need for better communication.
    • Nicole Becwar, WSCU – New candidate will need strong cataloging background, Sierra expert.
    • Sarah Greenberg, GR – Cataloging/Sierra, unite UCC, refer to members for assistance in deduping.
    • Sarah Nordholm, SU – no comment
    • Selene Gardner, EPL – no comment
    • Martha Talman, FTL – Cataloging/Sierra, load tables, Sierra/Pika, bigger vision on database maintenance, responsibility.
    • Jimmy – Outreach – Melissa Powell, remote consultant for training. Melissa will call each UCC member with series of questions/vocal survey for responses.
    • Amy Currier, CMC Quigley – no comment
    • Lloyd Chittenden, FTL – no further comment
    • Selene Gardner, EPL – Duplicates on load tables
    • Jamie Walker, CMU (Chair) – Problem solving, new person should be developer, need ‘meat & potatoes’ advice.
    • Shelly Fratzke, MVSD51 – Programming, needs Sierra knowledge, focus on Sierra programming, load tables, dups, etc.
    • Jimmy - Expect calls from Melissa Powell, remote consultant. Using IUG Listserve, LibNet, JobLine for candidate search.

NEXT MEETING: To be determined. Possible mid-November meeting to introduce/interview new candidate. Skip regular November UCC meeting. Hold early-December meeting, agenda item to be Melissa’s report, Mark Noble, Marmot on Bit-Frame/Zephira (Zoom) Discovery meeting.

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, October 28
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