Minutes for 06/22/2016

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee, June 22, 2016

Action Items:



  • Updated all records for holdings reports – Please refrain from clearing Headings Reports. If cleared out & new record comes in with same, won’t pick up in Headings Report. *LLOYD – experiment, check with III. Also, dups in item bar codes. Amy Shipley to send a list of dups to Lloyd.

  • Fixed Western/CMU/MDL duplicate sets

  • Fixed “No A.C.” in 500 notes – all moved to 958 field




I-Type reorg proposal – Subcommittee 1st meeting around 1st week of July (6th). Build plan, Share info, Anyone wanting involvement, send email to Brandon.


Designate 907 and 917 fields for deletion


Find old cataloging documentation, update it, and get it online. - *LLOYD – Find MK’s old cataloging documents on wiki.


  • Develop proposal for use of authority records in Pika – Jimmy – Board 2017 line item, discuss cost for authority control list.

    • Briefly discussed that doing authority control correctly will be a significant cost increase that will require approval by the directors.  Jimmy is going to be email the directors about it, and the UCC should have a heads up because their directors may be asking them about the topic.

Jimmy, Mark, Lloyd

Large list of duplicates in Sierra Create List 333.  Everyone should work on their library’s holdings.  List is down to 1246 records.


Investigate how we can take advantage of OCLC numbers in 035 of SkyRiver records.-

*Lloyd – Thinks that not everyone on SkyRiver got the training on how to activate the SkyRiver loader.  Some are using the OCLC loader instead.


Subcommittee on the 001 meet to discuss what we want our load tables to do with this field. Set of test records is in Sierra list 360. Used Aleut language. Perhaps “#”001?

Lloyd, Jamie, Karen, Shelly

  • Find out from Backstage and Marcive about URIs in records (Logan will contact them and let Jimmy know what they say). - *Jimmy – check with Logan. URI is used for linked data.


  • Find out about possibility of OCLC reclamation project.  To what extent it would resolve our issue of records with no 001.  How many Marmot libraries are due a free reclamation?  Price of full catalog reclamation. – Most libraries are entitled to one free reclamation. *Lloyd – send email, Who wants reclamation? May try one library first. Reclamation should improve records. *Jimmy – follow up with Rosanna.


  • Investigate possible re-indexing project.  What else should be re-indexed?  019 and 079 are in the ISBN index and probably should not be.  Look through old UCC minutes for any reference to indexing, and start a wiki page to keep track of re-indexing needs.

    • Lloyd received one suggestion which has been done; has received little feedback.



Discussion topics

  • FYI from Discovery committee.  They have been discussing what Pika should do with the audience code that is so often left blank in MARC records.  Lloyd’s suggestion to them has been that it should be treated as identical to “general” rather than having a large group of records in Pika listed as unknown audience.

  • Duplicate committee report

    • Alysa found OCLC records being overlaid by vendor records – Lloyd considered perhaps macro usage as cause.  Option “Check current database for best record” options on/off, needs to be on.  Amy Sieving – “brief-ish” OCLC records get overlaid with great DLC record.  Amy says she can’t have OCLC records overlaid because she needs the OCLC number, even if it is a bad record.  Without the OCLC number holdings in OCLC will get messed up.  So, perhaps we should set macro to always prefer an OCLC record.  Run monthly report on duplicate 001’s and manually delete.

    • Lloyd – meeting with macro users to get everyone to implement the option to get the best record from the current database.

    • Lloyd – survey what prefixes are people using for vendor records?

  • Amy Shipley to demo saving the record loading report

    • Amy demoed saving record loading report

  • Lloyd to demo tsv export

    • Lloyd demoed exporting records from create list as tsv (instead of comma as delimiter)

  • Create List reorganization:

    • Lloyd gathered the data below on actual use of create lists.  He found that there are some bucket sizes we need more of and some we don’t need.  There was discussion of the lists that people wanted and it was decided that Marmot would reorganize the sizes of the buckets to be more useful.  

    • Brandon – create more small buckets for create list.



*Amy Shipley to send a list of dups that are still not found by Headings Report to Lloyd.

*Lloyd to experiment with what might be getting missed by Headings Report.

*Lloyd to make sure that all the SkyRiver users are using the SkyRiver loader instead of the OCLC loader.

*Lloyd to send email to find out who is interested in an OCLC reclamation project.  

*Jimmy to follow up with Rosanna at OCLC.

*Lloyd to meet with macro users to get everyone to implement the option to get the best record from the current database.

*Lloyd to survey what prefixes are people using for vendor records?

*Brandon to reorganize the buckets in Create Lists



Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2016, June 22
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