Pika Release Notes for 10/06/2016

Pika Release Notes 2016.09.0

Released on 10/6/2016

New Functionality

  • Add optional availability toggle for Available Online

    • Defaults to blank label - you will have to add the “Available Online”

    • “Include Online Materials in Available Toggle” needs to index overnight


  • Allow toggle options for locations to be based on location data only

    • “Base Availability Toggle on Local Holdings Only” needs to index overnight


  • New functionality to add lists to the home page with a click of a button similar to adding search results to the home page.



  • New lists can be created from the sidebar to allow easier creation of lists without having to start at a specific title.

  • When loading Wikipedia data, check both first name last name and last name first name for better matching.

  • Show New York Times lists that have already been generated on the update page.  

  • CARL.X extract via APIs for real-time updates

  • Properly handle library use only titles that are checked out for Arlington

Digital archive work in Pika

  • Add branding information from contributing libraries to the Explore More Sidebar based on information for individual objects or the containing collection. Donor, Owner, and Acknowledgement roles show in sidebar.  Also shows contributing library based on the namespace.

  • Add custom homepages for collections with various available components including:

    • Search this collection

    • Browse by map

    • Browse by collection

    • Display random object (normally images)


  • Combine metadata for pages and parent book while displaying metadata and display via AJAX


  • Clicking on View Transcription shows the actual translated transcript of that page.


  • Allow collections to display an image map on the home page

    • Clicking on a square on the main quilt is mapped to the square image

  • Display new academic fields within Pika metadata


Bug Fixes


  • Update relevance for author searches to ensure first and last names are close to each other in the metadata.  I.e. Warren Miller search


  • Updated Extract from OverDrive to ensure timeouts and other errors do not result in data loss.

  • Fix error while processing lists during indexing

  • Updated messages returned from Pika so there can be different error messages when password provided is incorrect than when the username/barcode is incorrect.

    • This is only different for AspenCat

    • Contact pika@marmot.org if you want this changed for your library

  • Fix NYT list creation to show in order provided by the New York Times


  • Fix explore more functionality when the original search contains an ampersand or apostrophe

  • When searching within a collection, also search subcollections of the main collection

  • Fix related objects to not show objects marked as not visible in Pika

  • Allow hiding of collections within a library’s namespace

  • Search subtitles of objects in addition to the main title

Additional Archive work

eContent Sideload setups

  • Western State University - ebrary

Additional work


  • Set new header banner for Pitkin

    • If any library wants their header banner updated, just send an image to Mark or Pascal

  • Cleanup of Bud Werner Theme

  • New York Times Lists automatically updated for sites that requested updates

  • Data migration for Lafayette and Lafayette go-live

  • Create brochure for Pika marketing

  • Reduce frequency of updates for test systems so Aspencat, Flatirons, and Arlington only update every 3 days.

  • Update Self Registration for Lafayette in Pika

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Tuesday, 2016, October 4
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