Minutes for 11/23/2016

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Action Items:



  • Policy proposal on large review files is back from ASC

ASC agreed to the suggestion, but wanted to have three days before files get moved.

  • Check with Sky River users about using correct loader

All SkyRiver users are using the correct SkyRiver loader.

  • Develop project plan for adding 001 # prefix to OCLC numbers.

Project plan developed.  Further discussion during the meeting.

  • Investigate possible re-indexing project.  Look through old UCC minutes for any reference to indexing, and start a wiki page to keep track of re-indexing ideas.

No more discussion of re-indexing found in old UCC minutes.  Wiki page with re-indexing ideas and discussion is here: https://info.marmot.org/tiki-index.php?page=Reindexing+Project


Suggestion that we let ASC know we are thinking about re-indexing.  They may have ideas for changes to the patron database.  We will add that to the agenda of the ASC to see what they think.



Responsible parties


Evaluate authority RFQs.  Sample data sent to vendors.  Now evaluating results.

Lloyd, Brandon, Jamie

We sent a sample file of records to each of the three vendors.  Each vendor got the same set of 4929 records.  Each one sent back edited records within 24 hours.  Lloyd is currently evaluating the results.

Headings Report duplicate check not working right.  May have been fixed by III?


III did something in the background, but it did not solve the problem.  We have confirmed that there are still duplicates that are not appearing in Headings Report.

Create a tool for comparing our 001 numbers to those found in Worldcat.org to find our bad 001 numbers.

Lloyd & Pascal

Pascal has a sample file for testing.  Hopefully, a tool can be developed to find bad numbers in the 001, but will not search the 019.

Unsuppress bib records remaining in lists 19 and 27.  Many of the remaining records belong to Steamboat Schools, who do not attend UCC.  Lloyd wants to check with them.


Lloyd will contact Steamboat Schools about their use of suppressed bibs.

From Duplicate Committee: produce ‘how-to’ documentation on deduping.

Lloyd, Nancy, Tammy

Lloyd will meet with Nancy and Tammy next week.

From Duplicate Committee: develop a process to find duplicates within and between the 001 and 019 fields.  Maybe JB can write a program or maybe we can develop a record loading process.  Dups in list 58 as examples.

Lloyd, JB

Dub subcommittee looked at whether we could make a load profile that would match the 001 to the 019 to eliminate 019 dups.  This didn’t work.  Lloyd will contact load profile email list for help.

Also, JB may be able to create a script that would quickly find matches between the 001 and 019.

I-Type reorg proposal


Waiting for III

Find old cataloging documentation, update it, and get it online.


No update

Investigate how we can take advantage of OCLC numbers in 035 of SkyRiver records.


No update

Find out about possibility of OCLC reclamation project.  To what extent it would resolve our issue of records with no 001.  How many Marmot libraries are due a free reclamation?  Price of full catalog reclamation.


No update

Discussion topics
  • OCLC number prefix project plan:

Step #

Est. Completion Date

Responsible Parties

Task Description



Dec 2

Lloyd, Innovative

Edit export profiles to replace ocx prefix regardless of presence of #



Dec 9


Test export profiles



Dec 19-23


Empty large review files to allow file #1 to be made extra large



Dec 26-29


Global updates to add #




Lloyd to train Nancy

Establish ongoing plan to clean up new OCLC records without #





Worldcat.org tool to identify additional OCLC numbers




Lloyd, Kevin (CMC)?

Try to get SR vendors to send single type of records

  • After discussion of the idea to add a prefix to the OCLC number we decide against doing it at all.

  • We decided that with the 001 number clean-up we hope the proposed worldcat.org tool makes possible, we may not need to worry about the problem of 001 numbers that are not OCLC appearing to be OCLC.

  • Also, we could go ahead with the idea to try to get SkyRiver vendors to send a single type of records (maybe a pilot with a single SR library)

  • *Action Item: Investigate if we can change 001 record load based on 003.

    • Set load table to flag potential non-oclc 001s?

  • *Action Item: Investigate the status of the bad 001 fields in Sierra

    • You could find those without changing a load table, search 001 exists, and 003 is not OCLC.

  • *Action Item: Contact Roseanna at OCLC about 001 clean up for OCLC members

  • *Action Item: Duplicate committee is tasked with developing a system to monitor incoming records to see what issues there are with records now being loaded.

  • *Action Item: Can we add a flag to records with no 003?  Existing?  Incoming?

  • December meeting?

    • We decide not to try to have a meeting in December.  The next meeting will be in January.  

      • This will mean we postpone a final recommendation on an authority vendor until January.  This should not be a problem because we have budgeted for the most expensive option, choosing another can only save money.

  • Duplicates subcommittee will try to meet on December 14.  Shelley may have a conflict.  If she does, we’ll consider changing that meeting.

Next Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: Dec 14, 2016 9-10am MT
Next meeting: Wed., January 25, 2016, 9-11am MT
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2016, November 23
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