Minutes for 12/13/2016

ASC Meeting Minutes 12/13/16  


  • Brandon will send out an initial broadcast message to alert current SMS notice users that as of 1/1/17 only Shoutbomb will be used. A draft of this message will be emailed for approval before being sent to our patrons.
  • The name has been changed from marmot@shoutbomb.com to librarynotices@shoutbomb.com
  • Keywords can be created for what types of notices patrons can sign up for   ie: keyword Mesa can send broadcast messages to all Mesa County patrons.
  • Timeline: III will be turned off 1/1/17 and Shoutbomb turned on 1/1/17. Pika SMS sign-up will be turned off 12/30/16
  • Brandon does not anticipate any issues  Regarding a question of a staff member not receiving a reply from Shoutbomb: 1. Make sure the request was sent to “librarynotices” not “marmot” 2. Go to the Shoutbomb website FAQ and make sure the phone model is compatible to receive email messages (as opposed to messages from phone numbers) 3. Check the list of carriers  Brandon will resend the marketing materials but you will need to change the name to librarynotices@shoutbomb.com   

Patron Indexing

  • Lloyd is working with the UCC to redo the bib record indexing and asked the ASC if there are any requests for patron indexing changes.
  • Off-topic, it was requested that the address field be split to have 3 separate entries: street, city & state, and zip code. These would not be searchable but could be used in create list.  
  • Indexed items can be searched and are found in the drop down menu of the search tab on the check out screen.
  • Additional fields that were requested to be added to the index list include: birthdate, phone (primary, secondary, and mobile), and email.
  • Family ID will be dropped, as it is obsolete.
  • Brandon will follow-up with III if this cost will be included with the quote.
  • Please send any other suggestions to Lloyd.  

Sierra Upgrade

  • Brandon will run the prep phase next week; there will be no down time.
  • The commit phase will begin early morning (midnight) on 12/20/16.  
  • When logging on 12/20/16 staff will need to clear the jar cache and bring up Sierra one at a time.
  • Brandon will send Allpoints reminders when this happens.
  • Early January III will release Sierra 3.0. Brandon does not have the notes yet but according to the project plan from III some functionality limits will be raised (possibly i-type?), Sierra web app usability, and Java-free Web Management reports.  
  • After hours on MLK Day Marmot will be changing to one virtual Sierra server (currently one is used for applications and one for the database).
  • Also, Brandon will be updating the Sierra OS to Linux Redhat 6. There shouldn’t be any noticeable differences. Any academics who may be open will receive updates. Off-line circulation will be available as well.  


  • The dropped holds issue from Friday 12/9/16 was a problem with the size limit of a Sierra queue, not a Pika issue and has been remedied.  
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, December 13
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