Minutes for 01/17/2017

Digital Archive Committee

1:00 - 2:00

Colorado Encyclopedia Content (Jordan)

Jordan and Mark have been talking to stakeholders with the Colorado Encyclopedia project to investigate adding their content into Pika much like we do with Wikipedia articles.  The articles that appear in Colorado Encyclopedia are written by scholars and would enhance the user experience in Pika.  Colorado Encyclopedia has articles on each county and thousands of topics pertinent to Colorado. Take a look at this list of 10th Mountain Division references to gain a sense of their content.  Colorado Encyclopedia currently has an option to export an article in XML, so Mark and Pascal don’t expect it to be an issue to pull in the content.

Equipment Rental Plans (Jordan)

At CAL, while manning the Marmot booth, Jordan and Mark chatted with Salina Blue scanners about the possibility of renting equipment for our projects.  There are a number of renting models available so if you think you might need a scanner, it would be good to team up with another Marmot library working on a similar project and share the equipment. Please reach out to Jordan if you might be interested or have an upcoming project in mind.  Steamboat and Aspen have future magazine projects, but would not be ready to tackle such an endeavor for another year.

Projects for 2017 that will need new development (Jordan)

New development for the archive’s current objects is almost complete. The development team is busy mapping tasks for 2017 so if you anticipate adding an object that is not currently featured in Islandora, please reach out to Jordan with your ideas.  Also, if you would like to migrate an existing collection into Islandora please notify Jordan.  Jordan in turn will take your ideas/needs and incorporate them into the 2017 development plan.

Authority Control - what to do when updating entity titles (Alysa & John)

Alysa and John sought clarification on updating the title fields of entities. They were concerned that if they updated an entity’s  title, then objects that referenced that entity with the old title would have a broken link in Pika because we are asked to enter the PID and title when making entity references.

Jordan assured the group that an object using an older version of an entity title will still link to the entity, but when patrons viewed the entity the name featured at the top of the page would be slightly different. For example an object might show a place entity with the name of Craig, Colorado, but because another library updated the entity in Islandora to Craig, Moffat County, Colorado, a patron clicking on the link Craig, Colorado would be taken to an entity page titled Craig, Moffat County, Colorado.

All agreed that despite a subtle name change, that updating an entity’s title field in Islandora is acceptable since it enhances the archive with a more accurate name.

Islandora & Pika Update (Jordan & Mark)

Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

Adams State

Bud Werner



Fort Lewis



Mesa County

Pine River



Western State



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Tuesday, 2017, January 17
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