Meeting Minutes for 01/12/2016

ASC Meeting Minutes for 1/12/2016

Ptype Renovation Project - update from Brandon

o   Completed two phases in December; only library remaining is CMU, which will be completed in February

o   Beginning cleanup of all old data; if you encounter errors, be certain you aren’t using an old p-type.

o   Would be good practice to run reports to ensure no record have old p-types

o   Libraries that do patron loads will need to ensure that import files contain the new p-types

Offline Circ policy - Brandon

o   Proposed policy: If outage more than 30 minutes; Marmot will run offline circulation automatically. If outage less than 30 minutes, libraries will need to prompt Marmot to run offline circulation.

Offiline Check-in/Returns discussion – Amy, Garfield

o   Libraries need the ability to check in returns prior to running offline circulation. If outages for multiple days - items are getting checked out even though they’ve been returned. (Particularly DVDs) which leads to fines/blocked patrons/etc.

o   Libraries would have to check in items a second time to make sure items get routed correctly (transit/hold slips/etc).

o   Checkout/Checkin transactions can be processed in chronological order (using Marmot’s offline circ - unlike III’s product)

o   Question about RFID sorters and how those work offline.

o   Brandon will put in a request to R&D for Offline Check In

o   Depending on workflow, libraries could still hold all items for check in after Sierra is back up.

Sierra 2.1 release – Brandon

o   Brandon sent out a link to the release notes for 2.1

o   Unable to do the self-upgrade; issue into III; waiting on fix

o   Browse Query removed from 2.1; will be restored in 2.2

o   New in 2.1:

  • Sierra Web Debut
    • 5 simultaneous-use licenses available, will schedule time for testing unless more licenses are available in 2.2
    • Questions about required version of Java
  • Import directly from csv file to Create Lists
    • 2.2 will be in general release in “a couple of weeks;” will need self-upgrade fix first; also we will want to wait a couple of days before upgrading to see if any other sites are reporting errors, etc.

On-Order hold issue – Emily, Bud Werner

o   If you have multiple libraries on an order record, as long as the bib has no items, holds can be placed by anyone. As soon as an item is added, the loan rules apply, and if a non-lending library (of that item type) puts an item on, it will prevent patrons from other libraries from placing bib-level holds until there is an item added for a library that does lend that item type to other library patrons.

o   Known problem in 2009; possible enhancement request then. Garfield County solves by putting in a dummy item when they know there is a problem.

o   Brandon will search for enhancement request and either put in a new one, or push the old one

o   Consider policy change - not allowing non-lending libraries to add item records until a lending item has added an item record - might be difficult to do with batch loading. Possibly have non-lending libraries add a dummy record?

o   Consider requiring all items on order records to have an item type of in-process until the release date?  Brandon will submit this proposal to the UCC to discuss this policy.

Notices that cannot be emailed – Karen, CCU

o   What are libraries doing with notices that can’t be emailed to patrons of other libraries (your library’s item, other library’s patron)?

o   Some libraries are mailing; other libraries haven’t seen the issue come up



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Tuesday, 2016, January 12
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