Meeting Minutes for 02/09/2016

ASC Meeting, Tuesday, February 09, 2016 10:00-11:00 a.m.  

February Agenda:

  1.  Annual Reports in reference to circulation – Nathalie, Pitkin
  2. CIRCA presentation update – Emily, Bud Werner
  3. Hold-ability of order records update – Brandon, Marmot Library Network
  4. Change Search Holds default index to ‘barcode’ from ‘title’ – Amy, Garfield
  5. Marmot wide system for acquisitions of high hold titles – General question to the group  

Item 1: Annual Reporting

  • Emily opened with first item about Nathalie's request for insights on how other libraries were reporting their Annual Statistics.  
  •  Emily mentioned that she thought that this was mostly a Director's responsibility since very few people on the ASC had any added information.  
  • Amy Shipley offered her process which is to utilize the stats available from Decision Center
    •  She also runs a list of all patrons based on branch to get circ based on patron.  
    • Decision Center>Evaluation>Transaction location>Transaction location by owning location.  
  • Jimmy noted that if using Decision Center for these reports for CLiC State Reports to make sure to use the one that reports “check-outs” as opposed to “circulations” because Decision Center counts renewals in the circulations report, which CLiC does not count. 

Item 2: CIRCA

  •  Emily mentioned that the CIRCA presentation that she did has been recorded and Tammy has posted the video.  
  • Some sites asked about some follow ups such as RFID add on.
  •  Emily heard from a couple libraries saying that they are starting to use CIRCA for their Inventory processes.  
  • Nathalie asked about Garfield's RFID wand and how those are working.  
  • Emily mentioned that they have the wands at Bud but they have not been able to get the wands to work within CIRCA.  
  • Jimmy mentioned that the reason that RFID has been installed is because we haven't had enough interest from the members to justify the cost of the additional product.  
  • Austin from Mesa County asked about other functions that CIRCA can do. 

Item 3: Hold-ability of order records update

  • Brandon recapped that in the UCC meeting it was decided that a dummy item with a holdable itype would be added to these bibs at the time of cataloging by the non-lending libraries.
  • The itype has been identified at itype 28, labeled “on order, holdable to all”
  • The loan rules have been created, just need to be activated
    • This will be activated after today’s ASC meeting
  • Next step is to provide training to the libraries involved in the cataloging.  
  • Brandon and Tammy will work together to create training.
  • No ETA on when training will begin.

Item 4: Search Holds Index

  • Amy Shipley asked that we change the Search Holds default index to ‘barcode’ from ‘title’.
  • All agreed to the change.  Brandon will call III to make the switch. 

Item 5: Marmot wide system for acquisitions of high hold titles

  • General question to the group asking about having a system consortia wide to encourage purchasing of more titles when records have a high number of holds.
  • Amy mentioned that an email to the group would fit easier into her workflow.  
  • It was decided that ASC members would send an email to the ASC list with "Purchase Suggestion" as the subject line. Members of the ASC will get the request to their purchasing colleague.  Members of the ASC will reply to the email when a purchase has been made to avoid ordering more copies than necessary.   
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, February 9
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