Meeting Minutes for 02/21/2017

Digital Archive Committee

1:00 - 2:00

DPLA Updates (Alysa)

The DPLA Working Group met this last week.  Our application to DPLA was submitted in January, but another potential hub submitted at the same time, so we are 2nd in line to be reviewed by the committee. The Working Group reviewed documentation on the future governing structure once we are accepted and funding was discussed.  Starting June 2017, the DPLA will charge hubs $10,000 per year to participate, fortunately the State Library has agreed to pay for this fee as well as server, staff and aggregator costs for at least 3 years.  This gives the new Plains to Peaks Collective (official name for the Colorado/Wyoming DPLA state hub) a bit of breathing room before they must seek out any funding to maintain a hub.

2017 Projects (Jordan)

Jordan is in the process of compiling a list of 2017 projects and asks that members add to this document - you should have editing privileges.  This will help Jordan set up your new project and determine if any special development is needed.

Nicole asked if there was a document that outlined Marmot’s pricing structure for the archive and Jordan replied that there was and that the fees are based on your storage or what they anticipate your storage needs to be. Any member can turn on the archive for free and can start using it for small collections.  At certain levels additional fees are added for batch imports and migrations.  Marmot is still in the process of determining if this is a reasonable price structure, so it may change in the future.

Islandora & Pika Update (Pascal, Mark, Jordan)

The Explore More sidebar was re-configured so that each library could choose the order in which facets appear, rename them, and/or decide whether they are collapsed or left open by default.  All of this is done in the Pika Administration interface for your library > Pika Configuration > Library Systems > Local Content Archive > Archive Explore More Bar Configuration.  The first time you visit, click on the big yellow button to get the default rows, and then you can edit from there.

Searches in the Archive can now be saved to your search history.

In the facet Related Archive Collection we still see the logo for the collection and we now have a link back to your institution’s Digital Archive Homepage.

For institutions that migrated their collection from another platform, each object that had a unique ID number can now be searched in Pika using that number.  These old numbers mean a great deal as they make it possible to quickly get to known objects or narrow results to specific sub-collections.

We are now able to search by the PID as well

Fixed Adams States department names

Made it so the display of objects only appeared once if that object had more than one role.  For example, if a person was given the role of  described and interviewee, the graphic for that person would be featured twice, now it is only featured once.

Eliminated the display of the transcript option if no transcript was associated with the object.  If you have a transcript, then the button appears.

Eliminated the display of a PDF button for an image if the library did not want someone downloading the PDF.  This option is in the collection MODS file under “Anonymous User Download Master File.”  If a library says “no” a user will need to click on the button “Request Copy” to get the file.

Worked on the date timeline to be single-select instead of multi-select

Working on the display of entities - tiled vs. a list

Working on the display of the metadata sections for an object.  We will be able collapse/expand, reorder, and rename these sections like we can do with the Explore More sidebar.

Showed the new Pika Roadmap which details what development gets worked on in each sprint.

On deck for this next sprint: finishing up Three Wire Winter, working on the ability to see other collections within your scope of Pika (a.k.a sharing collections), cleanup of Eagle’s Redbook


Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

Adams State - Have a great volunteer who is scanning thesis for Nicole and so they hope to add more soon.

Bud Werner - Scheduled to a soft launch on March 16 and unveil to the public on March 26.  Will be offering classes to staff to teach them how to navigate the new OPAC and also for the public to dive deeper into the collection.

CCU - Karen started training last week and they are beginning to add their thesis collection.

CMC - Christine just joined the group

Englewood - John just joined the group

EVLD - Lacy has been creating documents for departments and the controlled vocabulary for ingesting. Working on a system to send a collection to a donor so they can review the metadata and let the library know what might need to be changed. Working with Sarah, Marmot Intern, on 2017 projects.

Fort Lewis - Eric is working on fine-tuning the postcard collection before they add more volumes. They are also gearing up to create a collection featuring student’s work.

Gunnison - Jill is still working on the Cattlemen’s days and they have been given a local oral history video project.

Pine River - nothing new

Aspen - Carol is working on creating relationships for projects.  Nothing has panned out yet.

Salida - Just launched two new collections: Bob Rush photos and an oral history collection.

Vail -  Just received photos of all of the locations on the quilt = phase II. Jo also shared a story about some publicity they got both intentionally and unintentionally.  It served as a warning to get permissions before allowing someone’s story to appear in a newspaper.

Sarah (Marmot Intern) - Just went through Islandora training with Jordan.  She did a few projects for Mesa County - permanent art collection & fly-fishing flies.  Will start working with Eagle Valley on Friday.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 21, 1:00-2:00 pm


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Tuesday, 2017, February 21
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