Meeting Minutes for 02/14/2017

E-Content Committee Meeting


1. Blackstone titles - Tammy

The list of Blackstone Audio titles is on the E-Content Committee page.  These titles will not change for the year.

2. Zinio titles – Tammy

The Zinio titles are on the E-Content Committee page.  This is a Google Doc, so changes can be made to the list.  The first tab contains all the current subscriptions.  The second tab contains any previous subscriptions that only have back issues available for checkout.  The Zinio Google Doc will be updated if any of the current titles are cancelled, or if a new member is added who will purchase new titles.  A question was asked about how the information for back issues will be shown to patrons. You can see the Zinio back issues from the catalog.  You can see a “Back Issues” message on the records from the Zinio site.

Action Item: Tammy will include the column on the Google Doc for Zinio titles that shows popularity.

3. Advantage improvements/options & other OverDrive questions – Jennifer Reynard (OverDrive)

Here is the video of Jennifer explaining the different options for the Advantage options, and answering other OverDrive questions.

  • Advantage title sharing: An Advantage library will be able to elect to have their purchased Advantage titles immediately available to all member libraries of the shared collection. The Advantage library’s patrons will have priority access if and when the title has a waitlist.
  • Advantage title transfer options to shared collection: In addition to the automated option currently available through Advantage Plus in OverDrive Marketplace, an Advantage library will be able to select specific titles to contribute to the shared collection, and when (with consortia participation).
    • These new Advantage options may be available in the next year. However, Jennifer thinks they may be ready to roll out in the next few months. 
    • One question about the new Advantage option was whether the leased or metered titles would be included.  We will not know more details until later. 
    • Members also asked when the new OverDrive interface would go live.  Jennifer will speak with Andy to find out more about our go live date.
    • Right now, OverDrive plans to keep their current app.  However, they have also introduced a new OverDrive app called Libby.  People can choose to use either app.
    • We wanted to know if we should anticipate any changes in the API.  Marmot uses the API with our own discovery layer (Pika).  We would need API support when the new interface is rolled out.  Jennifer will check with her support team to find out more.

Action Items: Jennifer will update us when the new Advantage options will be available.  She will also find out more details about metered access titles with the new Advantage options.  She will check to find out if there is a date for our go live with the new OverDrive interface.  She will also check to find out if anything will be changing with the API.  Tammy will follow-up with Jennifer on these issues.

4. Overdrive budget – Jimmy

Jimmy discussed the OverDrive budget for 2017.  This information came from an email that Jimmy sent out to the E-Content group on 02/14/2017 with the title, “OverDrive expenses 2016 Q1-Q4 & OverDrive budget 2017.”  There was a discussion about the Assess in June column.  The money in this column is collected in June to pay for the holds and renewals for the Marmot shared collection. 

  • Jimmy asked if the annual billing should be moved to February to match Zinio.  The members who responded wanted the annual billing to stay in June. 
  • Someone asked if the new directors know about the OverDrive budget, and how this process works.
  • A suggestion was made that we move to the Advantage title sharing option, once it becomes available. This would eliminate all the work that Alysa and Joyce have to do every month to update holds and renews for the shared collection.  This might also eliminate the need for the shared budget.  Members were curious to know how much it will cost to become an Advantage member.  The shared collection and Advantage title sharging will be discussed more at the April meeting.  We might invite Jennifer Reynard back for an update.

Action Item: Jimmy will follow-up with all the new directors to find out if they know about the OverDrive budget.  Tammy will find out if any of the new directors need help with OverDrive ordering.  Tammy will find out pricing for joining as an Advantage member.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, February 14
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