Pika Training - Customizing Facets

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems

Click Edit or the Library Id.


Click on Searching.

Click on Search Facets.

When the SuperScope Toggle Label, Local Collection Toggle Label and Available Toggle Label are filled out, that information is put in the toggle button at the top of the screen.  The Available Online Toggle Label is an optional feature that is disabled by default.  When patrons click on the Label, they will get all the ebooks and eaudiobooks that are currently available.  For the Available Online Toggle to be completely correct it will need overnight indexing, but the continuous index will update records.  The text can be customized to whatever makes sense for you.  If you remove any of the text for one of these labels, that box will go away. You can also add a special value of {display name} to the Local Collection Toggle  that will automatically use the library/location display name.  This can be a time saver for libraries with lots of branches.

Here are a few examples of the SuperScope Toggle Label and Available Toggle Label.


Here is an example of a library using a Location Collection Toggle Label for their library/location.


Here is an example of the SuperScope Toggle Label, Available Toggle Label and Available Online Toggle Label.

Here is an example of SuperScope Toggle Label, Local Collection Toggle Label, Available Toggle Label and the Available Online Toggle Label.

If you uncheck Include Online Materials in Available Toggle materials in the Available Toggle Label will only show physical items that are available now.  The toggles require the overnight index to update.


The Library System Facet Label is for any items owned by a library. It is the label that will display in the Owning System facet.


Here is an example of how the Owning System is displayed.  This can be found under the label“Narrow Your Results.”


Almost everyone has the Restrict Owning Branch and System Facets to this library turned on. When doing a search only your library will show up in the Owning System and Owning Branch facets for your patrons.  It is only turned off for Union Catalogs.


Here is an example of a library that is using the Restrict Owning Branch and System Facets to this library.  The Owning Library System and Owning Branch are restricted to just their library and branches.  This way, you do not have to see every single possible value, which only confuses patrons.


Additional Locations to Include in Available at Facets allows you to include all locations within search results, but have people just see all of your branches, plus a few branches that are near your library.



Here is an example of a library that is using the Additional Locations to Include in Available At Facet.  This is allowing searching of items from the home library as well as Steamboat, Vail, Eagle and Garfield.  When searching these location would show under the Available At dropdown,  if they had the item available.


The Include All Records in Date Added Facets allows you to see the Date Added based on whoever first purchases a title (not just titles you own).  For people who are unscoped this allows your patrons to place holds on items from anywhere in the consortium sooner.  Items will show up in the Added in the Last facet. The All Records In Shelving Facets will be turned only for Union Catalogs.  Individual libraries are welcome to turn these on. Items will show up in the Shelf Location facets.



When you click on the Reset Facets To Default button, all your facets will be removed and a default set will be in their place.  


When you click on the Copy Library Facets button, a new page will drop down menu for you to pick the Library whose facets you would like to copy.



When you click on the Add New button, will put a blank facet at the bottom of your list.  There is a drop down menu for the facet and sort. All the other options will be checked except for the Show Above Search Results.


Here is a document that explains all the Available Facets.  Here is a document that explains the Format Facet Logic.

The Format Category and Available? are configured so they can show above the results.  



Here is example of the Format category and Available? facets that show above the results.  The Format Category is the icons, and the Available? is a toggle button.



You can click on the dropdown menu arrow to change the Facet, and give the facet a Display Name.

You need to set the display name for each facet.  This can either set it to the name of the Facet or to another name that is more meaningful to your patrons. For example, Topics is typically relabeled Subject.

All of these items are completely customizable.  You can turn them on or off.  We suggest that the Show for Authors Searches setting always matches Show on Results Page.



You can pick things to only show on the advanced search by leaving that option on and turning off Show on Results Page and Show for Author Searches.


Here is an example of a library that is using the Available At to only Show on Advanced Search.   The Available At is a little more specific and gives people more details than the availability toggle.



You can also Sort, Edit and Remove Facets.

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Tuesday, 2017, March 7
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