Meeting Minutes for 03/07/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting
7 March, 2017

Priorities for Next Release

  • The priorities is about what was planned and the progress for the Sprint
    • Going through YouTrack and organizing backlog
    • Working on development in an order that derives the most value for everyone
    • 200 more tickets to review
    • Finish organizing the On Deck board that the R & D Team uses to decide what to develop next & configuration priorities
      • Goal was to do archive cleanup tasks from requests made from EVLD and Fort Lewis
        • 90% done with this goal
      • Goal to finish the Three Wire Winter in the archive for Bud Werner
        • The goal is done
  • Discovery Partner, Sante Fe, is on target to launch on 3/29
  • Loveland data migration is done
  • Red Book in the archive had a bug that was preventing the objects from displaying properly
    • The bug is fixed, and a meeting is setup to work on the specifications
  • Priority for upcoming Sprint is to share work between libraries in the archive
    • Members will be able to see archive projects from other libraries
    • Even if you are not an archive member, if you are a Marmot Member you can turn on the archives.
  • Anne Arundel is our next Discovery Partner.  The kickoff and initial meetings are planned for now. They are the Q2 library
  • Arlington Library App will be worked on for the next Sprint.
    • Pika roadmap available here
      • The permissions should be correct to access the Pika roadmap
      • The columns on the right are things that are being worked on or finished
      • There are columns for the current release and next release
      • The columns further to the left will have less information, and could change in priority
      • Good idea to do a catch-up on sideloading and bugs


Topic for Discussion – Display of hold information for titles with multiple editions

  • Example: Maui Revealed
    • In this example, it shows there are 9 copies of the item and 5 holds
    • Unless you click to see the Show Editions  button, you cannot see that there is actually 1 item with 5 holds
    • This information is misleading to patrons
    • Question: Do we remove the entire message, or just the part with the number of copies?
    • There was no clear answer to this question, so a poll was sent to the Discovery email.
  • Poll for copy/wait list info in search results.

Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, March 7
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