Meeting Minutes 3/22/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


X Jamie Walker [Chair] CMU   X Betsey Dick MCPLD
  Mary Walsh & Nicole Trujillo Adams State   X Shelly Fratzke SD#51
  Gail Owens Basalt   X Wendi Weinstein & Judy Poe, Charlene Swanson Pine River
X Alyssa Selby & Nina Darlington Bud Werner     Carol McArdell PCL
  Kim Grindrod & Charlene Walker BVPL     Debbie Barnes & Charlene Walker Rampart LD
X Karen Neville CCU     Becky Nelson & Kristin Trombo Salida
X Amy Currier CMC Glenwood   X Sarah Nordholm Summit Co
  Chris Bockstiegel CMC Leadville   X Jo Norris VPL
  Jonathan Beam CMC Steamboat   X Nicole Becwar WSCU
  Diane Levin & Jolanda Durbin EVLD     Amy Sieving, Alison Farnham WPL
X Selene Gardner EPL   X Nancy Lindwedel Marmot
  Martha Talman & Julie Housknecht FLC   X Lloyd Chittenden Marmot
X Amy Shipley Garfield Co     Tammy Poquette Marmot
  Sarah Greenberg Grand Co     Mark Noble Marmot
  Jennifer Hillebrandt Gunnison     Jimmy Thomas Marmot


Action Items:


Deduping training document

The new training document is online here:

New login for deduping

A login was created to allow users who don’t have an extra Sierra license to have a second Sierra window for deduping.  It allows 5 users at a time.  Username is mlndedupe.  Ask for the password.

New load profile for items and orders

We created a new load profile (m2btab.itor) for Western that will create an order record and an item record.  Item record is controlled with a 949 field.  Order record is controlled with 960 and 961 fields.  Instructions will go on the training page.  Loader does not appear in Data Exchange.  It needs to be called with a 949 when exporting.

Cleared old system generated review files

There were many old files cluttering up the list you get when you copy a review file.  III cleaned these up for us.




Responsible parties


Discussion of the word ‘barcode’ in barcode fields

Duplicates committee

Committee did not meet this month because Lloyd was sick

Develop training for finding bad 001 fields with batch searching in Connexion


The group met to figure out the process. Tammy is working on documenting it.

OCLC reclamation projects if needed after 001 batch clean up processes


Waiting on 001 batch processes

From Duplicate Committee: develop a process to find duplicates between the 001 and 019 fields


No update

Find old cataloging documentation, update it, and get it online.


Discussed later in this meeting

Duplicate committee should develop system to monitor incoming records to see what issues exist is with incoming records

Duplicates committee

Committee did not meet this month because Lloyd was sick

Discussion of authorizing large electronic subscription packages


Discussed later in this meeting


Discussion topics


  • Old cataloging standards documents/procedures.
    • Lloyd found the old cataloging standards document.  It is a PDF and it has not been updated in 2 years.
    • Do we want to keep this as a fixed document or allow it to be more flexible?  Do we want it to be so detailed or just refer to the national standards that should be followed?
    • The committee wants to keep the cataloging standards as a fixed document, but it needs to be updated.
    • People like to use it as a cataloging training document, so they want the updated version to be detailed like the current one.
    • *Lloyd will work on updating the document, bring an updated version of it back to the UCC for approval, and get it up on the web page.


  • Question from Steamboat: they remember that there used to be a several day delay after you paid an order before the order would be suppressed in the public catalog.  Can that delay be brought back? 
    • With the advent of shelf-ready processing, there is often a several day delay between when an item record is created and when the book actually arrives.  When the item is created, the order record gets suppressed so the book can no longer be found in Pika to get holds.  A delay before orders are suppressed would help this problem.
    • Amy also remembers this several day delay, and would like to see it returned.
    • *Tammy will check with the Pika team about this setting.  Can they do it?  Would it be set for an individual member, or everyone?


  • What are we doing with the MAT TYPE ‘z ebook’? What do we want to do with it?
    • The ebook MAT TYPE does not correspond to any of the options in the corresponding MARC leader field.  It is a local creation, so we have to manage it ourselves.  It appears that some members are setting it for all ebooks, and others are ignoring it.
    • Do we want to make sure all ebooks have this MAT TYPE?  Does it matter?
    • These load profiles: elec, elec2, eleres, netlib, netlib2, msdea are maybe used to load ebooks.  Do we want to change these so that they default to MAT TYPE ebook?
    • Most people use the profile designated ‘(2) non-shared electronic resource’ in data exchange for ebooks.  That is m2btab.elec.
    • The committee decides that *Lloyd should set the ‘(2) non-shared electronic resource’ loader to default to MAT TYPE of ebook.  First he will test that you will still be able to override that default with a 949 field.


  • Continued authority vendor discussion – which large sets to send for authority control:
    • Jamie thinks any set of electronic items that is owned permanently should have authority control because the items are permanent regardless of being electronic.  For CMU, these include Oxford, Elsevier and Springer.  These are subscriptions in the sense that you get a batch of new ebooks each month, but then you own those ebooks.  They are not leasing access to these books.
    • Decided that *Lloyd will run a list of items that have econtent fields and get a breakdown with Global Update to find out how many items we have in each of our large sets.  Then he will do a poll of members to get information about what people think we should do with each of our larger electronic sets.  The poll will also collect information about the nature of the large sets.
    • This information can be taken to the Marmot Academic Committee for further discussion.


Next Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: April 12, 2017 9-10am MT

Next meeting: April 26, 2017, 9-11am MT

New Action Items:

Check 995 fields. Find loaders that have not been used since we started the 995 field a year ago.  Remove these from Data Exchange.


Create poll on authority for large electronic sets – continue discussion in MAC


Set the ‘(2) non-shared electronic resource’ loader default to MAT TYPE of ebook.  First test that you will still be able to override that default with a 949 field.


Check with Pika team about setting to delay suppression of paid orders.


Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page.



Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, March 22
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