Meeting Minutes for 04/04/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting

4 April, 2017


Ticket Workflow in YouTrack

Reviewing New Process for YouTrack Development and Priorities

  • Inbox
  • Description box
    • ​You can put an example link, or a screenshot, or anything that will help the R & D team reproduce the problem or issue.
  • Project
    • Will always be Inbox
  • Type
    • Can be left blank or as a Feature
    • Feature is something new to development
    • Features can be new development that will benefit everyone
    • Bug is something that is supposed to be working a certain way, but it is not.
    • You can also use type for questions or clarifications.
    • Another Type that the R & D team uses is Configuration
    • Configuration is used so the R & D team can separate things for a specific library that needs development.
    • Example of a configuration is side loads.
    • Another Type that the R & D team uses is Maintenance
    • Maintenance is something that may need to be done on the server, or security updates.
  • Requesting Libraries
    • You can leave this blank, or pick your library from the drop down menu
  • State
    • Please leave the state as open; otherwise, the R & D team will not see the ticket.
  • Explaining the State
  • The State determines where it goes in the R & D team workflow.
  • There are three different boxes, which contain many States.
  • Theses boxes have information for the R & D team, but we want members to know the difference between each box.
    • Current Pika Release States are what the team uses to track the release.  
    • You might get emails with the State of your ticket.  
    • You can look at it when it is Done or Accepted on the test server.  
    • Things do not go live until actual release.  
  • Scheduled , Needs External Input, In Progress, Ready for Verification, In Verification, Needs Acceptance, Done or Accepted.
  • On Deck Board is when things are ready for development.
  • Generally, things for the On Deck Board are coming out of the Sandbox.
  • Once things are ready, they go from the On Deck Board to Current Pika Release.
    • Needs External Input – the team has questions for you.
    • Ready for Specification – the team knows how they want it to work.
    • Being Specified
    • Ready for Tasking – the team organizes how they are going to do the work.
    • Being Tasked
    • Ready for Scheduling – is waiting to be added to the current release.
  • Sandbox
    • Means that is will not probably happen in the next 6 months.
    • Looking at the Road Map it could be a feature that is not aligned with the New Release, or Current Release on the Road Map.
    • It could be a bug that is not affecting one or two books in the catalog. The R & D team has bug-ranking matrix that helps them determine the severity of the bug.  
    • If you feel that your ticket needs to be moved from the Sandbox because it is related to something, or the team is missing something, please talk to them.

Priorities for Next Release

Review of the status from the previous and current months.


  • Further refine feature backlog and optimize YouTrack for our workflow.
    • The Ticket Workflow is the system that was put in place to resolve this issue.
    • Last month there were 200 tickets to review.  The new system allowed the team to review all the tickets and add them to their new system.
  • Archive Cleanup (from requests made from EVLD and Fort Lewis)
    • This information is on the Road Map.
    • The team is 50 % done with the cleanup.
  • Sante Fe
    • They have launched
  • Read Book in the archive
    • Eagle Valley project has launched, but there are two small tickets left to finish.
  • Sharing work between libraries in the archives
    • This is done.
    • Marmot member libraries, you can turn the archive on even if you are not an archive participate.
    • Jordan will be working on instructions that explain what to think about, before you turn on the archive sharing.  This will be ready for the Digital Archive meeting.
  • Anne Arundel
    • The team had their kickoff and initial meeting.
    • On target to launch in July or August.
  • Arlington Library App
    • On Deck for last month
    • Development work needed to complete Phase 1. This is now done.
    • There will be a demo from Arlington at the next Discovery meeting.
  • CARL.X for Nashville
    • The team is putting together a project plan.
  • Wake County of Marmot Server
    • Starting in April.
  • Sideload Catch-up
    • Starting in April.  Will start with the easy ones that do not require a lot of Pika development.
    • Next, once the easy ones are finished, the team will work on the ones that will need Pika development.
  • Search Bugs
    • Want to work on bugs related to searching in Pika
    • The team will prompt members with things they know they are going to do some work.
    • They will send 20 things, and ask members to vote on the things that are the most important to you.
    • If you know of a bug or a feature enhancement related to searching, please submit it as soon as possible, so it can be added to the list.
    • Voting is used to figure out the most important things for development.
    • Click on the thumbs up to add your vote to a ticket.
  • Other Completed Work
    • This is used when the team has an emergency.  
    • There has not been any big unplanned work in the last few months.

Follow up on Copies/Waitlist statement in search results

  • There was a poll to see whether the message about how many copies should be removed from the item display, and only show up when the patron clicks on the edition link.
  • 2/3 of the Marmot members said that message should go away.
  • 1/3 of the Marmot members said that message should stay.
  • The R & D team decided to make it a configuration option.
  • The default will leave the message how is it currently listed.
  • The team will be working on this soon to make it a configuration option.

Discussion on whether to have the username, barcode and pin combination

  • This is a Marmot only issue
  • The library that first brought up this issue has decided that it can wait.

Discussion on forcing users to use HTTPS

  • Currently everyone is forcing a redirect to HTTPS, except for Aspencat, Anythink, Flatirons and Marmot Member Libraries.
  • The plan is to go ahead and over the course of the next month force everyone to use HTTPS.
  • This means if your OPAC does not go to the secure site, it will redirect to the secure site. It will automatically redirect old URLs to the secure URLs.
  • If no one has any objection, the team will just go ahead and make the change.
  • Any Marmot library who is still using the old URL form of, the team is planning to make the redirect work to a site without the word opac.  If you are using the old style, the preference would be that you get rid of the word opac.  
  • The secure certificate for secure browsing will not be valid when you are using the opac URL.
  • The protocol for the HTTPs needs to be double-checked by the team. It may be DLS 1.2.
  • If there are many complaints after the switch, the team would talk to everyone about loosen up the protocol.  

June Meeting Topic

  • Revisit discussion how Holds are placed on works with multiple editions.

Prospector wording change (Marmot member discussion)

  • Current message reads, “Did you know that you can request items through Prospector and they will be delivered to your local library for pickup?
  • The suggestion was to change this from a question to a statement, “Request items from Prospector to be delivered to your local library for pickup.”
  • Another suggestion, “Request items from other Prospector libraries to be delivered to your local library for pickup.”
  • The group agreed to the wording, ““Request items from other Prospector libraries to be delivered to your local library for pickup.”

Release Notes

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Tuesday, 2017, April 4
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