Meeting Minutes for 05/24/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee

Wednesday, May 24, 2017



Jamie Walker [Chair]




Betsey Dick



Mary Walsh & Nicole Trujillo

Adams State



Shelly Fratzke



Gail Owens



Wendi Weinstein

Pine River


Alyssa Selby & Nina Darlington

Bud Werner


Carol McArdell



Kim Grindrod, Charlene Walker, Jan Quick



Debbie Barnes

Rampart LD


Karen Neville



Becky Nelson & Kristin Trombo



Amy Currier

CMC Glenwood



Sarah Nordholm

Summit Co


Chris Bockstiegel

CMC Leadville


Jo Norris



Jonathan Beam

CMC Steamboat



Nicole Becwar



Diane Levin & Jolanda Durbin



Amy Sieving, Alison Farnham



Selene Gardner




Nancy Lindwedel / Tammy Poquette



Martha Talman, Lara Aase




Lloyd Chittenden



Amy Shipley

Garfield Co


Brandon Cole



Sarah Greenberg

Grand Co


Mark Noble



Jennifer Hillebrandt



Jimmy Thomas



Action Items:




  • Sierra setting to delay suppression of orders.

  • See discussion in discussion topics below

  • Poll UCC on final authority decision.

  • 78% voted for MARCive.  *Lloyd will send MARCive recommendation to Jimmy.  They charge $0.026 per record for the gap file, which will be close to 450k records.  After that we will pay $0.06 per record for an estimated 200k records per year.  *Lloyd – Contact LTI to stop Q2 update.

  • Everyone should make sure they have “No AC” notes correctly in 958 fields to keep things in or out as necessary.

  • Cutoff for gap file is 7/14/17.  Everyone should have their “No AC” notes set by then.  Lloyd will create the MARCive gap file the next week.

  • MARCive service allows us to use the Sierra automatic authority control function.  We will get custom training from Martha Rice Sanders from III on how to make use of that.

  • Develop training for finding bad 001 fields with batch searching in Connexion.

  • We determined that this is a function we should perform at the Marmot office because of the risk of incorrectly overlaying records.  Nancy is being trained.  Her machine is set so it cannot export to Sierra, so there is no chance she will overlay records incorrectly.  *Nancy will start with SD51 records because we have an OCLC login for them.  She can work on other records, but we will need to get OCLC logins to work on other people’s records.

  • When this process determines that an unknown Bib Util number is actually an OCLC number, then we are inserting OCoLC into the 003.

  • When we determine that the Bib Util is not an OCLC number, then we are inserting a prefix of BAD into the Bib Util.  This will prevent the record from getting overlaid by a different OCLC record.

  • At some point we will have to check these bad records.  Some of them will turn out to have already been overlaid with wrong records from OCLC.  This will require checking that the items are attached to a correct record.  Some people’s items may match what is in the bib and some not, because some might have been attached before the wrong overlay and some after.  Do not assume that all the items attached to one of these bad records are all the same book!  Hopefully it will be possible to identify bad overlays by information in the item record such as classification number or cutter number.

  • Email to members asking them to clean up old templates (with instructions).

  • The email was sent.  Further discussion in discussion topics, below.


Ongoing Projects


Responsible parties


Update load and export profiles to accommodate 10 digit OCLC numbers and new prefix


  • OCLC will soon start using 10-digit record numbers.  The new prefix will be ‘on’.  We need to make sure Sierra is ready.  The Bib Util field can already handle a 10 digit number.  The main difference is that there will be a new prefix with the 10 digit numbers.  Our load profiles need to be edited to remove it.  Also, our export profiles need to add the new prefix back into the number as they do now for the shorter numbers.

  • Topic comes up: do we want our export profiles to recreate the prefixes?  This makes it hard to search the OCLC number in Pika.  If they were not added back, would this effect any other systems like EDS?  Topic for future discussion.

  • This may affect MarcEdit as well.  People will want to be aware of this change for any MarcEdit batch processes that do something with OCLC prefixes.

OCLC reclamation projects if needed after 001 batch clean up processes.


Waiting on current 001 cleanup project

From Duplicate Committee: develop a process to find duplicates between the 001 and 019 fields.

Dup Committee

Nancy was out sick for the dup committee meeting, so we don’t have notes.  Nobody actually remembers what we did, but Jamie thinks it was productive.


Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page.


No update.  Project ongoing.

Training material on new ISBN create list process.

Lloyd, Tammy

No update.  Project ongoing.

Why are some Hoopla videos not grouping?

Lloyd, Nancy

No update.  Project ongoing.



Discussion topics




MUG 2017 cataloging training?

What do people want from cataloging training at the upcoming MUG?  

Survey from last year’s MUG said people liked a training on the Thursday morning of MUG.

Mary – encouraged everyone to email suggestions for training to Lloyd

Amy – would like to have training on LCSH and classification

Karen – teaches cataloging at DU.  She could do a session on subject analysis and/or classification, but only during the main part of MUG.

*Tammy – will schedule a cataloging session during the main MUG for Karen.  Topic TBD.  Also, schedule session for Lloyd on Thursday morning. Topic TBD.

Please email with what you want to learn.

Betsey – will help booking a lab for Thursday morning.

538 field for CMU last copy project

This came up because CMU is in the Alliance who is doing a project in Prospector to track their last copies of books.  They want to use the 538 field for this, which may require us to change our policies on local notes in bib records.  However, Jamie reports that the Alliance is looking into whether this can be managed with a note in the item records.  We will see what they come up with.  *Jamie will report back on this, then we will see if it is still an issue.

Continue discussing adding notes to item templates

Currently there are almost 1100 item templates in Sierra.  UCC is asked to please remove unnecessary item templates.

Lloyd would still like to have item templates add a note to item records to identify which template was used to create the item.  That would allow us to identify unused templates.

Jamie suggests sending out an email to ask everyone to check for extras and keep track of who has done it.

EVLD has 5, CCU has 3-4, Amy C. has 2, ASU has 15, Shelly has about 160, 15 of which MVSD51 is currently using.  *Lloyd -- Keep as agenda item until cleaned up.

Do we want to ask for Pika programming to add order record suppression delay?

This month Amy Shipley found information about the setting in classic catalog that controls the delay of suppression of received order records.  Ours is currently set to 5 day delay.  However, this has no effect in Sierra or Pika.  It only creates a display change in classic catalog.

If we want Pika to do this, it will require programing and a ticket would have to be opened in UTRACK.

Nina says that since Bud has adopted the procedure of waiting a week to post invoices, so this is not a problem for them any longer.

Garfield was also concerned about this at the last meeting, but Amy was not at this meeting.  *Lloyd will check and see if they still want to pursue it.

Demo of Jamie’s process to create a list with a barcode scanner.

Jamie, Tammy and Lloyd worked out a process to add items to a review file by scanning barcodes.  This was demonstrated.  In order to be most effective, it requires programming a barcode scanner to add extra characters after each scan.  Jamie has instructions on how to program a scanner that should work for many Metrologic, Voyager and Honeywell scanners.  Jamie sent the instructions to Tammy.  *Tammy will create up training documents including programing the scanner.



New Action Items


Person Responsible

Create training document for barcode scanning create list procedure


Check with Garfield to see if they want to pursue adding the order record suppression delay idea to UTRACK


Send email to get everyone to confirm that they have checked for and removed unnecessary item templates.  Follow up until we clean up item templates.


Check on whether Alliance will allow use of item notes to identify last copies


Schedule one session of cataloging training during MUG for Karen, and a Thursday Morning session for Lloyd


Batch process SD51 records in OCLC to look for bad Bib Util numbers


Send UCC MARCive recommendation to Jimmy


Contact LTI to stop Q2 update



Next Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: June 14, 2017 9-10am MT *LLOYD – Remember to RECORD

Next meeting: June 28, 2017, 9-11am MT


Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, May 24
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