Meeting Minutes for 06/28/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee

Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Jamie Walker [Chair]




Betsey Dick



Mary Walsh & Nicole Trujillo

Adams State



Shelly Fratzke



Gail Owens




Wendi Weinstein

Pine River


Nina Darlington

Bud Werner


Carol McArdell



Kim Grindrod, Charlene Walker, Jan Quick



Debbie Barnes

Rampart LD


Karen Neville



Becky Nelson & Kristin Trombo



Amy Currier

CMC Glenwood



Sarah Nordholm

Summit Co


Chris Bockstiegel

CMC Leadville


Jo Norris



Jonathan Beam

CMC Steamboat



Nicole Becwar



Diane Levin & Jolanda Durbin



Amy Sieving, Alison Farnham



Selene Gardner




Nancy Lindwedel



Martha Talman, Lara Aase




Lloyd Chittenden



Amy Shipley

Garfield Co


Brandon Cole



Sarah Greenberg

Grand Co


Mark Noble



Jennifer Hillebrandt



Jimmy Thomas



Action Items:




  • Decision on Pika setting to delay suppression of order records.

Steamboat is using a workaround to avoid this problem and Garfield doesn’t consider it urgent enough to push for Pika programming, so we will drop this issue for now.

  • Update load and export profiles to accommodate 10 digit OCLC numbers and new prefix.

III has already updated our load profiles and export profiles to accommodate the 10 digit numbers.  However, anyone doing processes in MarcEdit should be aware this is coming and fix your process accordingly.  Prefix on 10-digit numbers will be “oc.”

  • Dup committee finds that export of OCLC prefix makes no difference in Pika.

Dup committee experimented and found that searching OCLC numbers in Pika without prefixes works fine.  It’s only a minor inconvenience to copy the number out of Pika.  UCC decides the small advantage would not be worth the possible risks of deviating from standard III practice of re-adding the prefix.

  • Develop training material on new ISBN create list process.

Tammy has completed training material on how to create a review file with a list of ISBNs.  It is on the Marmot training website.

  • Batch process check SD51 records in OCLC to look for bad Bib Util numbers – finished.

Nancy has finished checking the SD51 records that were not identified as OCLC records for whether or not the 001 numbers were OCLC numbers.  001 numbers found not to be OCLC had the prefix BAD added.  Spot checking has found there seem to be some errors in this process.  Some good OCLC numbers were identified as bad.  Lloyd will double check the work.

  • MARCIVE bid approved by Board (stopped LTI Q2 update).

The Marmot Board approved the expenditure to switch to the MARCIVE authority vendor.  *Lloyd will send out an email with the details on preparing for the authority work.

  • Searched “nozero” records in SD51, found very few bad ones – mostly cleared up

Many SD51 records with no zeros in the 001 were checked to see if they had good OCLC numbers.  The percentage of bad records found was tiny.  We know there are still bad 001 numbers that lost their zeros, but unless we can focus our search for them better, this is probably not a useful project.




Responsible parties


538 or item field for CMU last copy project


Jamie thinks Rose said it was OK to use a 538 field in the item record.  He will double check.

OCLC reclamation projects if needed after 001 batch clean up processes


We are continuing our internal 001 checking process before we decide if we want to do reclamation.

From Duplicate Committee: develop a process to find duplicates between the 001 and 019 fields

Dup Committee

Not discussed in Dup Committee this month.

Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page


Lloyd has been working on the Google doc.  This will be updated significantly with RDA changes and examples.

Batch processing Adams State records for bad Bib Util numbers.


Still working on this.

Why are some Hoopla videos not grouping?

Lloyd, Nancy

No update.


Discussion topics




Why do we treat 001’s differently in different load profiles? Single translation map?

OCLC loaders behave differently from vendor loaders.  We consider that it could avoid problems if the vendor loader also stripped OCLC prefixes if it found them.  However, it is pointed out that vendors could supply old OCLC records, and they could overlay newer versions in our database.  Maybe the loader could be set to only overlay if there’s a match in the 001 not the 019.  If the 019 were fully indexed we would see duplicates in headings reports but would not have to match on record loads.  001 fields without any prefixes could get a prefix added so they won’t overlay an existing OCLC number.  This will be a bigger problem when OCLC goes to 10 digits.

*Duplicates committee meeting will follow up (August dup committee meeting).

MUG 2017 cataloging training?

We are thinking that Karen could do a pre-conference training on classification the morning of MUG 2017.  We discuss what that might cover.  LC or Dewey?  Web-based or paper?  

Could Marmot get a group subscription to WebDewey and or LC Classification Web?  Lloyd had found that LC will not allow consortia to get group subscriptions, but he does not know about WebDewey.  Sarah finds that New Hampshire has a group subscription to WebDewey, so maybe that is possible.

*Tammy will do a survey to determine which systems are being used and what people want training on.  *Lloyd – investigate WebDewey group subscription.

Juvenile headings from MARCIVE?

LC has a second subject vocabulary for children.  Our policy with LTI has always been to remove these headings from our records.  This may have been because they often duplicated LCSH headings, and we didn’t have enough control over the OPAC to prevent them from displaying and creating confusion.  The question is do we want to continue that practice?  What do we want to do with these headings?  Everyone thinks we should leave them alone now.  

We find that Pika can already be set to only display LCSH headings.  ACP headings would probably be in the category of “other headings” that Pika is already able to turn on or off.  It could be programmed to prevent display of these if they duplicate LCSH, which they often do.  Maybe we could have MARCIVE add these back to our data?  People like that idea if it would not cost much.  *Lloyd – check on this

Get records ready for MARCIVE

No A.C. in 958 fields by 7/21/2017 *Lloyd – send email reminder.  Takes about two weeks to get all our records out and reloaded.  This should happen the first two weeks of August.  MARCIVE will update our records to RDA hybrid records as well as they can with automation.

RDA Renewal

Everyone agrees that we should try reducing to 4 users.  *Lloyd – follow up with Brandon.

New Action Items



Send out an email with the details on preparing for the authority work

Duplicates committee

Follow up in August on question of how should different loaders deal with OCLC prefixes, and non-prefixed numbers


Do a survey to determine which systems are being used and what people want training on.  


Investigate WebDewey group subscription.


Check if MARCIVE can add juvenile headings back


Send email reminder about authority preparation


Follow up with Brandon on renewing RDA

July Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: Cancelled because of Lloyd’s vacation

Next UCC meeting: July 26, 2017, 9-11am MT

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, June 28
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