Release Notes for 08/01/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.07.0

Released Aug 3, 2017

New Functionality

  • Nashville Public transition to CarlX

    • Nashville went live July 4.

    • Added the ability for locations to inherit the “Records To Include” settings of the parent library.



  • Display of Nashville On Order items

  • Manage Pika calls to CarlX (for continuous re-indexing) to prevent crashing of CarlX web services.

  • Display both “charged” and “overdue” items on My Checkouts page. Previously only displayed one or the other.

  • Display the number of times a patron has renewed an item on the My Checkout page.

  • Display the hold queue position of a patron’s hold on the My Holds page.

  • Anne Arundel Discovery Partner Setup

    • Set up production site:

    • Added the ability for libraries to set up their own Inter Library Loan Links at the end of search results pages and no search results pages.  The Name of Inter Library Loan Service and Inter Library Loan URL must both be filled out for this to work.



  • Enabled Self Registration in Pika for the Symphony ILS


  • Fountas and Pinnell reading level data integrated into search facets and record views based on data within the MARC record





  • Hourly partial re-indexing implemented.

  • Added new format to the Format Facet Logic: VOX Books




  • Finalized search facets

  • Customized sidebar links menu can now appear in the INFO/HELP section of the sidebar menu, or in the ACCOUNT section of the sidebar menu, or both.    

  • Theming tweaks: use google font as base font, remove rounded corners from accordions, remove gradients from menu options, search box, and accordions

  • Added Project Fi as a texting option for Pika texts.


Bug Fixes

  • Display of On Order items for Sierra libraries had broke with scoping work.

  • Display of eContent records from Sierra had broke with scoping work.

  • Saved searches created for list widgets were not properly assigned to the user creating it, so were deleted by database maintenance.

  • Freezing Holds notices incorrect for non-Sierra libraries.

  • In Pika Admin pages, made table configuration options (like search facets) readable regardless of the number of columns in the configuration.


  • Titles that do not have an associated Lexile Code not included in the Lexile Code search facet. (Previously coded as blank.)

  • Anne Arundel

    • Fixed indexing of the field for record date creation.

    • Fixed redirects so the {pikaURL}/MyAccount redirects to {pikaURL}/MyAccount/Home

    • Fixed display of title/author for ILL items on the My Checkouts page

  • Fixed backing up production MySQL databases for Flatirons and Aspencat

  • Reestablished access to Lexile data for Pika Libraries



  • Anne Arundel Discovery Partner Setup

    • Gale

    • RBDigital Magazines (Zinio)

    • RBDigital Audio Book

    • Cloud Library (3M)

    • Safari

Additional Work

  • Migration of Marmot FTP server to a virtual server

    • New url

    • Old url should work after switch over (

  • Updated name of Marmot Zinio collections to RBdigital (formerly Zinio) and     RBdigital - Back Issues (formerly Zinio)                    

  • Sierra upgrade aftermath

  • migration - test server setup        

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Tuesday, 2017, August 1
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