Meeting Minutes for 08/01/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting
August 1, 2017

Committee Chair

  • Mark Noble nominated Beth Gallinger from the Flatirons Library consortium
  • Beth accepted the nomination
  • Jimmy Thomas will submit Beth’s name to the Marmot Board President for approval
  • A big “Thank you” to Jon Solomon for his years of service as the chair

Sierra Upgrade Aftermath

  • The recent release was Sierra 3.1 caused issues for Pika
  • Due dates stopped being exported from the ILS
  • This issue causes Pika to think that everything is checked out
  • Marmot has some workarounds from Innovative/iii (Triple i)
  • Workaround
    • Marmot can manually export the data, and run the index manually
    • Marmot has spoken with people all the way up the chain of command at iii about a fix for the issue
    • They have confirmed that a fix is not coming anytime soon (maybe months away)
    • R & D is at the point where they need to code an alternative solution
    • This could be done with Sierra DNA and exporting
    • The plan is to code a fix in the upcoming release
    • It will be deployed as a hot patch, as soon as it works

Priorities for Next Release

Review of the status from the previous and current months.


  • Anne Arundel
    • Some cleanup still needed
    • On target to launch in August
    • New features for Anne Arundel benefits all members
  • CARL.X for Nashville
    • Launched in July
    • Still a few things to cleanup
  • Garfield Website Migration
    • Moving Garfield website from their server to the Marmot server
    • Will launch in August
    • Just need to get it setup on the live server
  • iii Export Workaround
    • See notes for the Sierra upgrade aftermath
    • This may take quite a bit of time
    • This will replace the manual processes that are used as a workaround
  • Sideload Catch-up
    • We will continue to work on sideloading
  • Red Book in the Archive
    • On hold
    • Will start in time
    • Programmer dependent
  • Search Bugs

Other Work Completed

  • Implemented Zinio/RBdigital Suggestion
  • Sierra Upgraded and Related Issues
  • Migrated Marmot FTP Server

Pika Roadmap

  • Later this year, the team will be working on E-Content Improvements
  • Also working on EDS and Bento Box Integration for academic libraries

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Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, August 1
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