06/19/2017 - Marmot Library Network, the multi-type consortium based in Grand Junction, CO, has developed a Digital Archive and repository solution, enabling its member libraries to showcase digitized collections.
01/26/2017 - The Library Corporation and Marmot Library Network are pleased to announce the full integration of the CARL.X ILS with the Pika discovery layer.
12/15/2016 - “Pika got honorable mention in a webcast about 'Limitless Libraries’.


Marmot User Group (MUG) 2020 Presentations

We hope you all enjoyed the Marmot User Group (MUG) conference this year.  A big "thank you" to all the MUG presenters.  All the presentations (recordings & slides) are now on the Marmot User Group (MUG) page on the Marmot website. Here are the all MUG Presentations for 2020.  


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