Privacy, Security, and Accessibility Committee

Privacy, Security, & Accessibility Committee (2019 - )

This proposed standing committee reviews and recommends policies, system configurations, and procedures for the consortium, as well as setting best practices for member libraries on issues relating to the complex interconnections between privacy, security, and accessibility.  
Membership in the committee would be upon recommendation of the member library directors, with a focus on having an appropriate blend of “technical” and “public” services librarians/library staff.  

Privacy, Security, & Accessibility Committee Members

Nicole Becwar- Committee Chair

Adam Murray - Marmot Library Network
Brandon Cole - Marmot Library Network
Sean Hanson - Marmot Library Network
Tammy Poquette - Marmot Library Network

Bud Werner Memorial Library

Alysa Selby

Colorado Christian University

Shane Ratzell

Eagle Valley Library District

Diane Levin

Englewood Public Library

Michelle Brandstetter

Garfield County Public Library District

Amy Shipley

Mesa County Public Library District

Shana Wade

Mesa County Valley School District 51

Shelly Fratzke

Pine River Library

Tim Lovejoy

Salida Regional Library

Susan Matthews

Summit County Library

Sarah Scheinman

Western Colorado University

Nicole Becwar

Wilkinson Public Library

Amy Sieving

Lake County Public Library

Brena Smith

Bemis Public Library

Denise Duralia
Nancy Trimm

Montrose Regional Library District

Paul Paladino